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A wealthy individual who travels globally, especially by private jet, to frequent fashionable resorts, social events, and the like. Mark's dream of becoming a jet-setter finally came to fruition after he won the lottery.


n. young and wealthy people who fly by jet from resort to resort. The jet-set doesn’t come here anymore.
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Only three players, setter Jaime Csernay and outside hitters Grace Mejia-Wetzel and Catherine Cornelius, return, but all three are seniors.
To him, an Irish Setter Gun Dog was like a well-worn double: comfortable and sweet in your hands and joyful at your shoulder.
New Trend Setters was established in 2010 and has been a front-runner in the tattoo supply wholesale market.
Fajardo was a spiker in high school before she was turned into a setter a year before her first international tournament.
Prior to show-ring breeding, Irish setters were bred to run across expansive agricultural fields and open moorlands, primarily in search of partridge and pheasants.
And where participants were reminded of their goal, the gap in happiness level between the two groups disappeared, with high goal setters at 7.
As the hypothesis which declares that the group variances are equal cannot be disclaimed, for the short setters, two-sample t test with equal variances concerning the significance of the difference between the differences in win-lost points observed while the setter plays in a front or back position was performed and the results are given in Table 6.
Just knowing how many great setters there are out there tells me what an honor this is,'' said Carico, 18, who is joined on the USC campus by Andi's brother, Will Collins, a long snapper on the Trojans football team.
A common mistake for setters in this phase is to sprint to the attack line and then drift to the net.
Lamberg, Whitsett and Carothes are outside hitters, and Jarvis, Fitch and Wienecke are setters.
In partnership with national standard setters, we will aim to increase the transparency of financial reporting by achieving a single, global method of accounting for transactions--whether in Stuttgart, Sydney, Seattle, or Singapore.
Almost all European countries claim to have their own accountancy standard setter, so the so-called E5 standard setters are not the only ones and a European standard-setting body seems far off, according to a newly-published study by the EU accountancy federation, FEE.
MAURICE SETTERS is fighting a bitter legal battle for compensation after being kicked in the teeth by cold-hearted Irish football bosses, writes STEVE BATES.
And there are a couple of names that are just beginning to shine, like setters Rhea Ramirez and Kaye Daly, gunners Rosemarie Vargas, Erika Alkuinio, Andrea Marzan and Jovelyn Prado.
My grandfather raised setters for 40 years, and I picked up my first one seven years ago.