set (one) straight

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set (one) straight

To correct one's attitude, belief, or behavior; to make sure one understands something correctly. I had to set Stephen straight after I realized that he'd been operating the machinery wrong this whole time. Helen told me she thought the moon landing was faked, so I had to set her straight!
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set someone straight

to make certain that someone understands something exactly. (Often said in anger or domination.) Please set me straight on this matter. Do you or do you not accept the responsibility for the accident? I set her straight about who she had to ask for permission to leave early.
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set something straight

 and put something straight
to figure out and correct something; to straighten out a mess. I am sorry for the error. I am sure we can set it straight. We'll put this matter straight in a short time.
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set straight

Correct someone by providing accurate information; also, make an arrangement honest or fair. For example, Let me set you straight about Lisa; she's never actually worked for us, or To set matters straight I'll pay you back Monday. It is sometimes put as set the record straight, meaning "correct an inaccurate account," as in Just to set the record straight, we arrived at ten. [First half of 1900s]
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set (someone) straight

To inform (someone) of the truth of a situation.
See also: set, straight
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In Pakistan, the likes of Shaukat Aziz and Moeenuddin Qureshi were airlifted into the country to set us straight.
If we're looking for an ego boost for being disciples, Jesus' prayer just set us straight.
He set us straight about where he was going to play.
Luckily, the Data Protection Commissioner has set us straight about exposing the crooked.
Ralph Lechausse of Gran'daddy's Smokehouse and BBQ wants to set us straight.
Ah, I'm glad Flopsy has set us straight on the reasons for his eternal singledom.
Hgl set us straight with a few days to go: "Personally I shall be glad when the Games are finished, too much time taken up by minority sports that no one normally watches.
Investigations at the Chronicle into whether the Tree Lovers' League still exists have drawn a blank ( so please set us straight if you can.
I'm grateful that Barrie Zwicker has set us straight about what really happened on 9/11.
set us straight about customer service expectations.
Those who believe humanity has strayed from its true nature cast about for the rightful path that will redeem and set us straight.
If we're wrong, we invite Melvin Simon & Associates to set us straight.
We posed those questions and more to Sarah Grimm, waste reduction specialist for Lane County Waste Management, who hardly scolded us at all as she helpfully set us straight.
But Clooney, 45, hit back, saying: "I'm glad Russell has set us straight.