set upon

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set (someone or something) (up)on (one)

To command, instruct, or order someone or an animal to attack one. The guards set the dogs on the would-be thieves. The crime boss set his goons upon the accountant who refused to launder money for him.
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set (up)on (doing something)

Determined to do or achieve something. My cousin, set upon being the best tennis player in the world, trains for six hours every day. She's been set on becoming a fighter pilot ever since she was a little girl.
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set (up)on (someone or something)

To viciously attack someone or something. The pair of thieves set upon the traveling merchant, stealing his goods and leaving him half-dead on the side of the road. The parade descended into chaos as a drunken band of teenagers set upon the main float and began tearing it to pieces. The deer was set on by the mountain lion.
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set upon someone or something

to attack someone or something violently. The dogs set upon the bear and chased it up a tree. Bill set upon Tom and struck him hard in the face.
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set upon

To attack someone or something violently: The gang set upon their victim with clubs.
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Moreover, the president has signed an order according to which, the monthly salary of employees of housing and communal services, transport and communications, financed through the state budget, set upon the Single Tariff Scale, have been increased by 10 percent on average from March 1, 2018.
The judge, Miss Recorder Elwen Evans QC, said the three of them had in darkness, on a residential street, punched, chased and set upon the victim before taking the rings.
The fans were on the way to their coach after the game, which ended 2-2, when they were set upon.
He was set upon by a group of about six people and was stabbed in the back.
Traumatised afterwatching the shocking footage, which clearly shows the elderly cat trying to get away as she is set upon, Mr White went out into the yard and discovered Tooch's dumped body.
As he stopped to complain, he was set upon by a gang of youths.
Carl Keatley and 16-year-old Jordan Carroll set upon factory worker Michael Eccles just yards from his front door in an attack labelled "savage beyond comprehension".
A SMALL baby attacked and savaged to death by a dog, another young woman set upon by her dog and suffers mutilations to her face.
ONE of Wales' most prominent MPs was left needing hospital treatment after he was set upon by a gang of youths, as he delivered presents to his parents' 50th wedding anniversary.
A prominent Welsh MP was left needing hospital treatment after he was set upon by a gang of youths as he delivered presents to his parents' 50th wedding anniversary.
The injured were set upon as they sat in a Jeep herokee vehicle.
They're also crucial if California is to move forward on the reform path that it set upon two years ago.
After purchasing a casket and convincing Xasthur to do his vocal takes from within, we set upon the task of mic'ing the casket and hearse.
From an aerial view, the 60 islands that comprise the BVI territory resemble a trove of fine emerald gems set upon a sea of sapphire silk.