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More is asked now of corrections professionals than ever before; their dedication, selflessness, remarkable achievements and tireless energy have set the bar higher for those who will follow.
The hard-driving rhythm of 'Just Do It (Remix)' is impossible to ignore and the transitions and switch-ups used throughout the song help to give the music a depth that's difficult to imitate - with twists and turns that set the bar higher on the pop-rap music scene and leaves the listener on the edge of their seat.
You will eventually reach your target, enjoy the satisfaction of that, then set the bar higher for the next goal.
These prestigious global awards recognize security and IT vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products and solutions that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies.
Boss Paul Hartley admitted his side's run of eight games unbeaten in the league has seen him set the bar higher.
We've spent money, we've got some good players in and we've set the bar higher in terms of our standards.
Encouraged by its first official foray back into the markets, the government's aim is to set the bar higher at 1 bln euros for a 7-year issue some time in autumn, following the outcome of the local banks' stress tests.
With history in the books, the Greeks are looking to set the bar higher as they set their sight on a possible quarterfinal stint on Sunday.
He said: "When there has been changes to the team the guys who have come in have stepped up and set the bar high and when others get the opportunity they set the bar higher.
We differentiate ourselves through our technologies and this will enable us to continue to set the bar higher than ever.
He said: "The tougher economic environment and reinvigorated competition require us to set the bar higher on innovation and to increase investment behind our brands.
It's an incredibly competitive market here in the Middle East, so we need to continue to set the bar higher to ensure our customers' expectations are consistently exceeded.
We're proud to accept this recognition on behalf of the many wonderfully talented people across our network who champion innovative ideas, as well as the OMD clients who encourage and motivate us to continually set the bar higher.
Every year we set the bar higher and the submissions we receive exceed our expectations.
I think LGBT people are tired of being painted as victims, and I don't know if the term survivor encompasses all that we are, but we need to set the bar higher for what we can accomplish and how we move forward in our lives," she says.