set sights on

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set (one's) sights on (someone or something)

To identify, regard, or focus on someone or something as one's goal. Every since she was a little girl, Janet has set her sights on being a fighter pilot. They're setting their sights on you to be their new head of marketing.
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set one's sights on someone or something

Fig. to regard having someone or something as one's goal. He wanted a wife and he had set his sights on Alice. James set his sights on a law degree.
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set your ˈsights on something/on doing something


have your sights ˈset on something/on doing something

try to achieve or get something: She’s set her sights on an Olympic gold.He has his sights on owning the biggest property company in the USA.
You look through the sights of a gun to aim at the target.
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set (one's) sights on

To have as a goal: She set her sights on medical school.
See also: on, set, sight
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These Awards are designed to encourage our young people into the restaurant industry and to motivate those already in the profession to set sights even higher.
Even as he perfects his groove, Irfan has already set sights on a new challenge.
Part of discussions in their transfer meetings will be to sign talent that can help restore the club's identity - with QPR's PS10million-rated Charlie Austin expected to remain as one of the men they will set sights on.
To promote a company culture steeped in innovation and fun, Egencia executives urged employees to set sights higher for the year ahead while commending their teams' milestones achieved in 2014.
With the active follow-up of Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, the committee for the Khalifa Award has implemented an ambitious action plan to satisfy education-oriented aspirations and set sights on promoting educational research and projects.
Craig Whyte set sights on Motherwell Craig Whyte set sights on Motherwell before taking over Rangers
HARRY BUNN hailed Town's fans as he set sights on another goal and a return to winning ways against Fulham.
Premier Inn, UK's largest hotel operator, has set sights on a portfolio of 2,687 rooms across properties in the Middle East in less than three years, up from 1,356 operating rooms today.
Washington, May 20 ( ANI ): Belgian lawyer Jean-Louis Dupont, who revolutionized football once before by transforming its transfer system, has now set sights to change UEFA's new Financial Fair Play (FFP) regime.
Ajax coach Frank De Boer, and his club, also claim Spurs have contacted him - although turn to page 49 Spurs set sights on Martinez FROM BACK PAGE that is something the north Londoners deny.
And he's backing the Pars to be the first team to take league points off the Glasgow giants this season as they set sights on second spot in League One.
Together, we set sights on achieving excellent results and delivering top-quality services to our clientele.
As we set sights on a sustainable future we must be guided by the imperative to "do no harm" to people or the planet.
Phil Thomas Cardiff Blues set sights on recruiting Shaun Edwards to coaching team | They need the Chief, proved himself with Pontypridd hope they or anybody else don''t recognise his talents be a big loss to Pontypridd Alun Williams | They need him, desperate now.
Energy Lobbyists Set Sights on Prairie Chicken: "Some of Texas' biggest oil and gas lobbyists are hoping to take control of the fate of the fast-disappearing lesser prairie chicken - much like what happened with the dunes sagebrush lizard earlier this year.