set sights on

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set (one's) sights on (someone or something)

To identify, regard, or focus on someone or something as one's goal. Every since she was a little girl, Janet has set her sights on being a fighter pilot. They're setting their sights on you to be their new head of marketing.
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set one's sights on someone or something

Fig. to regard having someone or something as one's goal. He wanted a wife and he had set his sights on Alice. James set his sights on a law degree.
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set your ˈsights on something/on doing something


have your sights ˈset on something/on doing something

try to achieve or get something: She’s set her sights on an Olympic gold.He has his sights on owning the biggest property company in the USA.
You look through the sights of a gun to aim at the target.
See also: on, set, sight, something

set (one's) sights on

To have as a goal: She set her sights on medical school.
See also: on, set, sight
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By BERNARD ROTICHTwo-time Family Bank Half Marathon champion Joram Lumbasi has set sights on a podium place finish in the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia, Spain next week.
Yarnold has set sights on a double LIZZY Yarnold will resume her quest to become Great Britain's first double Winter Olympic champion when the opening race of the new Skeleton World Cup season takes place in Lake Placid today.
After being just 10 months into his job AXA CEO Thomas Buberl has already set sights on ambitious growth for the insurance firm.
positive Scannell has set sights on play-off victory
After selling its Chinese business to Didi last year, Uber has now set sights on India making it one of its top priorities.
The country's hospitality sector continues to grow and our group set sights on capitalising on these developments and increasing our portfolio.
AFTER a mammoth 65-mile walking challenge in the summer where father and daughter Derek and Ellie Allan (aged nine) completed the Nortumberland Coastal Route from Berwick to Cresswell in three days, they have set sights on their next challenge.
A CHARLIE AUSTIN second-half double helped Southampton see off Burnley with ease as they now set sights on a trip to the San Siro.
Part of discussions in their transfer meetings will be to sign talent that can help restore the club's identity - with QPR's PS10million-rated Charlie Austin expected to remain as one of the men they will set sights on.
Craig Whyte set sights on Motherwell Craig Whyte set sights on Motherwell before taking over Rangers
Premier Inn, UK's largest hotel operator, has set sights on a portfolio of 2,687 rooms across properties in the Middle East in less than three years, up from 1,356 operating rooms today.
She describes how to be clear about one's identity and what is important; define career aspirations and set sights on the right target; have greater self-awareness to ensure that behaviors, actions, and one's personal brand exemplify identity and goals; identify ways to increase the possibility of hitting target aspirations through knowledge, skills, and relationships; develop a plan for the classroom experience, career exploration, club engagement, and community and social life; and take action to build the knowledge, skills, and relationships to improve a career.
Further reading: Bitcoin gains legal, financial interest Regulators set sights on Bitcoin EBA issues warning against Bitcoin trade
Together, we set sights on achieving excellent results and delivering top-quality services to our clientele.
As we set sights on a sustainable future we must be guided by the imperative to "do no harm" to people or the planet.