set right

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set (something) right

To amend or correct something; to make something more accurate or fair. I appreciate that she offers to tidy my desk for me, but I always end up having to set it right afterwards. When it became apparent that the two teams were really lopsided, the gym teacher shuffled some kids around to set it right. I know I said some things I shouldn't have, so I'm here to set things right between us.
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set something right

 and make something right; make something good; put something right
to correct something; to alter a situation to make it more fair. This is a very unfortunate situation. I'll ask the people responsible to set this matter right. I'm sorry that we overcharged you. We'll try to put it right. I know I owe you some money, but don't worry, I'll make it good.
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set right

Also, put right.
1. Place something in proper position; also, repair something. For example, Your tie is lopsided; let me set it right, or The faucets were in backwards but the plumber will soon put them right. [Second half of 1500s]
2. Correct someone, as in They thought he was married but he quickly set them right.
3. Make something accurate or fair, as in He offered to pay for the meal to put things right. Also see set straight.
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put/set somebody ˈright

1 tell somebody the truth about something because they have not understood or they have the wrong information: She was telling everybody that I’d written the report so I soon put her right.
2 make somebody feel better: These tablets should put you right.
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It is no use blaming bishops for everything; it is equally fatuous to demand that everything be set right by them.
Working with writer Helen Zia, this is a well narrated, disturbing account of an investigation gone awry but eventually set right.
We're set right on the Ogallala Aquifer," says Alvin Hoefer, Kirby's dad.
Though it's not part of the alliteratively announced themes of the subtitle -- maybe "polemic" might have been added -- much of the energy of David Bergeron's essays in this collection derive from a sense of opposition or desire to set right the scholarly errors of both distant and recent past.
Most comedy plots are about an imbalance in the world being set right.
If a system cannot be set right over the telephone, the company will dispatch a technician to the newspaper within 48 hours.
It clears the way to see what needs to be set right.
when we can look homeward and move to set right what needs to be set right" in America.
Tenders are invited for A-Tool Set Right Hand Internal Thre
The senior medical professional said the country with majority of its inhabitants living in rural or semi urban areas needed to set right its priorities.
He said that those dreaming of ruling the entire country should first set right KPK.
When the promised devolution of power is introduced, this is one of the glaring inconsistencies which must be set right.
Reading out Cabinet's decisions, Information Minister Ramzi Jreij said that Premier Salam opened up today's session by reiterating the need to elect a new President as soon as possible in order to set right the work of all constitutional institutions.
What about all of the land on the Kenilworth Road where mini forests appear in front of houses set right back o the road?
The Power minister said, "My preliminary inquiries with the Delhi government suggest that they have problems of transmission and distribution, which were not set right for a decade and not enough investment has gone in to take care of the increasing load.