set out

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set out

(for some place) (from some place) to leave from some place on a journey for some place. We set out for home from the cabin on the very next morning. We set out from the cabin at dawn.
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set out (on something)

to begin a journey; to begin a project. We set out on our trip exactly as planned. We set out at noon.
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set something out (for someone or something)

to remove something and place it so that it is available for someone or some purpose. I set a piece of cake out for you to eat whenever you get home. Liz set out some cake for Karen.
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set out something

also set something out
1. (slightly formal) to give the details of or explain something, esp. in writing Your contract sets out the terms and conditions of your employment.
2. to put something in a particular place The waiter cleared the table and set out silverware for their next course. Put your trash in a garbage bag and set it out by the curb.
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set out

1. Begin an earnest attempt, as in He set out to prove his point, or We accomplished what we set out to do. [Late 1800s]
2. Lay out systematically, as in She set out all the reports in chronological order. [Second half of 1500s]
3. Display for exhibition or sale, as in The Japanese restaurant set out samples of all the different kinds of sushi. [c. 1300]
4. Plant, as in It was time to set out the seedlings. [Early 1800s]
5. Begin a journey, as in They set out at dawn. [Late 1500s]
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set out

1. To start a journey: She set out at dawn for town.
2. To begin an earnest attempt to do something; undertake something: Four years ago, we set out to reform the government, and since then, we have accomplished much.
3. To make something explicit, especially an idea or plan: In her speech, she set out a plan for her second term in office. He set his ideas out in a detailed report.
4. To display something for exhibition or sale: The vendor set out a large display of fruit and vegetables. The children set a pumpkin out for Halloween.
5. To plant something: They set out seeds last year, and now the field is full of flowers. We should set some tulip bulbs out this fall.
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It could result in Ministers reconsidering the entire Aviation White Paper, because the recommendations it set outs for different parts of the country are connected.
The Government has already set outs its vision and commitment to reform the further education sector in Success for All (see www.
The employee set outs in writing their grievance and the basis for it and sends it to the employer;