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31) As noted above, account combination can also be understood as an implied contractual term under which the bank is entitled to set off its customer s current debit balances against reciprocal deposit account balances.
A spokesman for United Utilities said: "Our teams worked long into the night to try and keep the liverpool uk water flowing to people's homes, but they were up against it with so many hydrants being set off.
People have been told to leave the region's beaches as they found them if they set off fireworks >
A video shows a smoke-bomb being set off in the packed pub, with yellow smoke filling the main room as supporters with pins ts chant and film the scene on mobile phones.
After handing in his petition on April 18, and despite suffering severe shin splints, Mr Heslehurst and support driver Jeannette Eaton set off to walk back to Middlesbrough, arriving just before noon yesterday.
Holyhead Coastguard requested the launch of the all-weather lifeboat following a flare being set off close to Traeth Bychan.
In the winter, fireworks can only be set off between 8:30 p.
Abu Dhabi To promote innovation and renewable energy across the UAE, 47-year-old Emirati Haidar Taleb will set off on a journey which will take him across all seven emirates in a solar-powered wheelchair.
MOTORING writer and broadcaster Quentin Willson waved off bosses in Warwick as they set off to drive 1,180 miles to raise cash for charity.
HEATHER Mills was ordered to have her artificial leg swabbed for explosives by airport staff after it set off a security alarm.
set off 1 : to start a journey <We set off for home.
You know the sort of thing - back-packing around the Caribbean, round-the-world cruises set off by a winter slumming it in fashionable skiing resorts.
MORE than 400 soldiers have set off to walk the length of Hadrian's Wall in a five-day sponsored trek for charity.
In fact, acting in concert with the principle of compatibility will set off a highly positive chain of events, which runs something like this:
Mrs James set off from Newport, South Wales, to her home in Llandrindod Wells, Powys, after a five-day stay with relatives.