set off

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set (one) off

1. To make someone very angry or upset. Having his integrity questioned set Jim off like nothing I've seen before. Nothing sets me off like seeing someone hit a child.
2. To cause someone to lecture or talk about something at length. Don't bring up taxes, or you'll set your father off again. Seeing someone in uniform always sets Jerry off about his time in the military.
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set (something) off

1. To ignite or cause something to explode. Kids in the area have been setting off fireworks all night long. The police set off a small bomb to force the door open.
2. To cause to begin or occur. The incident set off a series of protests that ultimately resulted in the law being changed. Adding salt to the solution will set off a chain reaction, producing a great amount of heat and light.
3. To trigger or cause to activate. If you open this door, it will set off the fire alarm. The fire set off the sprinkler system.
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set off (for some place)

To depart for or begin traveling (to some place). Have an amazing time in Japan! When do you set off? I'm setting off for New York tomorrow to attend a business meeting.
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set someone off

1. Fig. to cause someone to become very angry; to ignite someone's anger. (Based on set something off {2}.) That kind of thing really sets me off ! Your rude behavior set off Mrs. Franklin.
2. Fig. to cause someone to start talking or lecturing about a particular subject. (Based on set something off .) When I mentioned high taxes it really set Walter off. He talked and talked. The subject set off my uncle, and he talked on endlessly.
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set something off

1. Lit. to ignite something, such as fireworks. The boys were setting firecrackers off all afternoon. They set off rocket after rocket.
2. Fig. to cause something to begin. The coach set the race off with a shot from the starting pistol. She set off the race with a whistle.
3. Fig. to make something distinct or outstanding. The lovely stonework sets the fireplace off quite nicely. The white hat really sets off Betsy's eyes.
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set off (for something)

to leave for something or some place. We set off for Springfield three hours late. It was afternoon before we could set off.
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set off

1. Give rise to, cause to occur, as in The acid set off a chemical reaction. [Early 1600s]
2. Cause to explode, as in They set off a bomb. [Late 1800s]
3. Distinguish, show to be different, contrast with, as in That black coat sets him off from the others in the picture, or Italics set this sentence off from the rest of the text. [Late 1500s]
4. Enhance, make more attractive, as in That color sets off her blonde hair. [Early 1600s]
5. Begin a journey, leave, as in When do you set off for Europe? [Second half of 1700s]
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set off

1. To give rise to something; cause something to occur: The heat set off a chemical reaction. A branch fell on my car and set the alarm off.
2. To cause something to explode: At midnight, we set off a string of firecrackers. The terrorists were building a bomb and planned to set it off in the train station.
3. To make someone suddenly or demonstrably angry: The clerk's indifference finally set me off. The constant delays set off even the most patient passengers.
4. set off from To indicate someone or something as being different; distinguish someone or something: His strong features set him off from the crowd. Indented margins set off the quotation from the rest of the text.
5. To direct attention to something by contrast; accentuate something: The editor suggested that I set off the passage with italics. The artist set the photograph off with a black background.
6. To counterbalance, counteract, or compensate for something. Used chiefly in the passive: Our dismay at her leaving was set off by our knowing that she was happy.
7. To start on a journey: When do you set off for China? The soldier set off on a mission.
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Engineers had to work late into Thursday night to deal with the chaos caused after hydrants were set off on nine streets in Birkenhead.
The friends now plan to set off for Paris tonight and still hope to reach there by Friday night.
It is illegal for fireworks to be set off or thrown in a public place.
Pictures on Twitter, purporting to have been taken from inside The Great Western Pub in the city centre, showed chairs and tables upended, while a video showing a smoke-bomb being set off in the pub was also posted on YouTube.
Every year we set off fireworks and this year will be no different," said Lao Guo, 45, a convenience store worker.
The Londoner played a well-received set at Radio 1's Hackney weekend and now plans to set off on a UK tour.
After handing in his petition on April 18, and despite suffering severe shin splints, Mr Heslehurst and support driver Jeannette Eaton set off to walk back to Middlesbrough, arriving just before noon yesterday.
Rescuers said they set off without a map or compass and called for help after becoming lost in cloud as darkness fell.
According to the Sun, Stephen Curley, 26, died instantly when Aga Wali set off a roadside bomb, in Helmand province in May last year.
In the winter, fireworks can only be set off between 8:30 p.
Summary: A suspected suicide bomber who killed 22 people outside a church likely planned to set off the explosives inside so as to kill as many people as possible.
Abu Dhabi To promote innovation and renewable energy across the UAE, 47-year-old Emirati Haidar Taleb will set off on a journey which will take him across all seven emirates in a solar-powered wheelchair.
MOTORING writer and broadcaster Quentin Willson waved off bosses in Warwick as they set off to drive 1,180 miles to raise cash for charity.
Forty competitors set off on this year's event to Criccieth, from West Bromwich on Saturday.
HEATHER Mills was ordered to have her artificial leg swabbed for explosives by airport staff after it set off a security alarm.