set for

set something for something

to adjust something for a particular setting. I set the thermostat for a lower temperature. Please set the air conditioning for about 75 degrees.
See also: set
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A typical compound set for pectoral muscles might be bench presses immediately followed with dumbbell flys, chair or bar dips, and concluding with incline dumbbell presses--a truly massive set comprising 4 nonstop exercises.
Nasdaq: MNMD) today announced the introduction of the Quick-set infusion set for use with insulin pump therapy for the treatment of diabetes.
It is a full-featured copper test set for the new network.
a global provider of telecommunications tools and test sets, today announced that a major incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) has approved Harris' TS(R)45S data-safe test set for use by its entire outside plant work force.
PMC-Sierra (Nasdaq:PMCS) today announced the Tiny Tera One (TT1) switching fabric chip set for next generation, high speed carrier class equipment.
Infineon Technologies Corporation (formerly Siemens Microelectronics) today announced that it has broadened its semiconductor portfolio for analog line cards with the addition of the DuSLIC(TM) dual-channel CODEC, single-channel SLIC chip set for 2-channel analog termination.
An extension that allows a merchant to use SET for authorizations
Channel 2 has also commissioned RT-SET to design the set for these all-important elections, as well as the graphical and 3D elements which provide a dynamic and clear representation of the results as they roll in.
The first solution set will be TeMIP Solution Set for Service Assurance (TeSS SA).
For those developing to Microsoft's CryptoAPI, SPYRUS has implemented a Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) that supports SET for use with the Microsoft Windows(R) 95 and Microsoft Windows NT(R) platforms.