set the ball rolling

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set the ball rolling

To set something, often a process, in motion; to act to cause something to begin. I think it will be easier to become comfortable driving now that I've set the ball rolling with driving lessons. I'll set the ball rolling with the icing while you mix the cake batter.
See also: ball, roll, set

set the ball rolling


start the ball rolling

COMMON If you set the ball rolling or start the ball rolling, you start an activity or you do something which other people will join in with later. Evans set the ball rolling with a £1 million donation to the charity. I've already started the ball rolling. I've set up meetings with all sorts of people. Note: Verbs such as get and keep are also used. Once you get the ball rolling, everyone wants to be involved.
See also: ball, roll, set

get/keep/set/start the ˈball rolling

begin/continue an activity, discussion, etc: I will start the ball rolling by introducing the first speaker.
See also: ball, get, keep, roll, set, start
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STEVEN MACLEAN 7 Teriffic pass set ball rolling for winner.
Farloe Hack Smart reappearance Javelin King Set ball rolling
Ever since Freeserve the set ball rolling almost a year ago, more than 100 imitators have appeared, leaving AOL to ponder on how to claw back some of its rapidly declining market share without cannibalizing its lucrative subscription-paying customer base.