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bull session

Any informal, spontaneous, and lengthy conversation or discussion among a group of people, especially men. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. My co-workers and I like to have bull sessions in the restaurant after we close for the night.
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in session

[of a court, congress, or other organization] operating or functioning. Use of cameras is forbidden while the meeting is in session. The spectators must remain quiet while court is in session.
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jam session

an informal session where musicians play together. Andy and Nick had a jam session last night and kept all the neighbors awake.
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rump session

a meeting held after a larger meeting. A rump session continued after the meeting was adjourned. A lot of business was conducted in the rump session.
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bull session

An informal discussion, as in College students love late-night bull sessions about anything and everything, from professors to poetry to politics . This expression originally referred to an exchange of opinions and anecdotes, including stories of sexual prowess, by men, and then came to be used more broadly. [Slang; c. 1915]
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bitch session

n. a session of complaining; an informal gripe session. (see also bitch. Usually objectionable.) We were just having a bitch session. Come on in.
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bull session

n. a session of casual conversation. The gals were sitting around enjoying a bull session.
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rap session

n. an informal conversation session. The kids settled down for a long rap session.
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1. n. a drinking bout. He was just sobering up from a session with the bottle.
2. n. a marijuana-smoking session; time spent on a drug high. (Collegiate.) What a fine session that was!

bull session

An informal discussion. A bull session was originally a late-night college men's dormitory conversation with a wide range of topics—politics, sex, sports, sex, religion, sex . . . The word “bull,” which meant something boastful or outlandish, came from—no surprise here—“bullshit.”
See also: bull, session
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