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open sesame

1. A phrase commonly (and thus sometimes humorously) used as a password, especially to gain entrance to something. In The Arabian Nights, "open sesame" is a magical phrase used to open a robbers' den. A: "What's the password?" B: "Um… open sesame?" If those kids are still blocking the door, tell them the password is "open sesame."
2. By extension, something that helps one to achieve a goal or access an opportunity. In this usage, the phrase is preceded by an article (for instance, "an open sesame"). Good grades in high school will be an open sesame to any college you choose.
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an open sesame

a very successful way of achieving something
Usage notes: 'Open Sesame' are the magic words used by Ali Baba in the story Tales of the Arabian Nights to open the door of the place where the thieves are hiding.
(usually + to ) A science degree can be an open sesame to a job in almost any field.
See also: open, sesame
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It's truly an honor for us to see Sesame Workshop believe in our mission and support our important movement to bring physical play into children's digital sandbox.
With a five-patented design, Sesame works with just about any deadbolt in the world.
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Sesame Tree, the Belfast branch of the popular US children's TV show, unveiled the new resident as it launched its second series following a successful first outing.
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In traditional animal mills, a zeer, a container for the sesame seeds, and a qutb, a stick made from the wood of Seder trees were used to produce the sesame oil.
The three will be located within the Universal theme park's Surf City area, and the main attraction will be the Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic.
Sesame seeds are packed with two unique sesame seed lignans, called sesamin and sesamol, which are inducers of cholesterol reduction as revealed by a number of studies.
reference to the completion balance sheet of Sesame at 31 May 2007.
Sesame Workshop, maker of PBS' ``Sesame Street,'' has created a free kit for military families titled ``Talk, Listen, Connect,'' including a special Elmo DVD, a magazine for parents and other caregivers, and a friendly Muppet poster for kids, all in English and Spanish.
My little sister Jaylin and I were sitting and watching Sesame Street and we saw Big Bird on the TV and Jaylin ran to the TV and yelled at the top of her lungs, "Big Bird
BIG Bird and his Sesame pals will soon be on an Ulster street teaching children to love across the sectarian divide.
And now five baby ballerinas and six after-school buddies are doing it: They're dancing on Sesame Street, in a series of alphabet segments airing throughout the United States and in 140 countries beginning in February.
Because it molds parts the size of sesame seeds, the manufacturer has dubbed it the Sesame series.