serve to

serve something to someone

1. to present someone with something to eat or drink. The host served the snacks to everyone and left the room to work on the salad. The snacks were served to everyone in attendance.
2. to officially deliver something, such as a subpoena, to someone. The sheriff at the door was there to serve a subpoena to Fred. She served the papers to the person who lived there.
See also: serve
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We are very pleased to be implementing LexisNexis File & Serve to improve docket management," said Associate Justice John A.
Bringing the benefits of e-filing to the Northern Mariana Islands represents another great opportunity for File & Serve to expand globally," said Michele Vivona, vice president and general manager, LexisNexis Litigation Services.
Adding LexisNexis File & Serve to the court is part of our ongoing effort to address the needs of our constituents and use technology to improve the management of the appeals process," he said.
The financial covenants are tested quarterly beginning January 31, 1998 and require Solo Serve to maintain specified Interest Coverage Ratios for various periods and specified minimum Net Worth, as defined in the loan agreement, on designated dates through the maturity of the loan.