serve notice

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serve notice (on someone)

to formally or clearly announce something to someone. John served notice that he wouldn't prepare the coffee anymore. I'm serving notice that I'll resign as secretary next month.
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There are speculations that the ACB was planning to serve notice to another 18 leaders of Telugu Desam including two members of Parliament CM Ramesh and G Mohan Rao.
The tenant could serve notice to terminate the lease or they could serve notice asking to renew the lease.
However, if I understand it correctly, players will be able to serve notice on a club before their contract is up.
Washington seemed to serve notice that he can squirt through holes with the best of them .
This is a significant sale of an office-warehouse complex in the Connecticut market and should serve notice to other institutional investors of the excellent investment value in office buildings in Shelton and throughout Connecticut," said Dunne.
We strongly feel that the lower number of outstanding shares will ultimately reward our current shareholders, and also serve notice to the investment community that we believe strongly in the future success of Meier Worldwide.
Let this column serve notice that a new political party, the Garden Party, has been formed.
The statute provides that the Condominium Board may serve notice upon a "non-purchasing tenant" that all rental payments due to such tenant are to be made payable to the Condominium Association.