serve around

serve something around

to distribute something to eat or drink to everyone present. Please serve the snacks around so that everyone gets some. Serve around the birthday cakes, would you?
See also: around, serve
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The plant will come up in the North Eleuthera and will serve around 7,500 local residents.
Eid Charity estimates indicate that the ambulances serve around 2.
The project would serve around 500,000 individuals upon completion, as per the Chairman of the Union of Zahrani Coast Municipalities.
The route is expected to serve around 240,000 people initially, serving the areas like Discovery Gardens, Gardens, Dubai Investment Park, Furjan and Jumeirah Golf Estates.
Delivering practical advice, innovative technology and global investment solutions to our clients is paramount to our business at Northern Trust and to the family offices we serve around the world,' Northern Trust's head of Global Family & Private Investment Office, Jeff Kauffman, said.
We are constantly looking for new opportunities to fulfil the needs of the travelling public from such markets and for those wanting to travel there from the more than 140 destinations that we serve around the world.
7 acre site close to the railway station to serve around 1,000 learners.
The Al Shohub private school project consists of 51 classrooms and will serve around 2,000 students.
Carveries and O' They sermdr They serve around 125million meals and 425million drinks a year.
It was believed Lohan, 24, would probably serve around 23 days due to prison overcrowding.
5G broadband technology to serve around half of it, Zain said in a statement yesterday.
The systems involved in the agreement serve around 80,000 subscribers across more than 125 cable head-ends in 25 US states.
Terminal 2 serves arrivals and departures for Alma Airlines and Aeromexico, along with private flights and is expected to serve around 800,000 terminal passengers per year.
The new terminal, a new home for British Airways, will serve around 30 million passengers a year.
To serve around half of Portugal's 10 million population, the European Investment Bank has approved a loan of 925 million over 25 years to Aguas de Portugal (AdP) for investments in eleven regional public utilities.