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but seriously, folks

A statement meant to draw an audience's attention to a point one wishes to make (which may or may not be serious in nature), often used as a segue after a joke, aside, or something that is non-relevant. I just flew in from Miami, and boy are my arms tired! But seriously, folks, how is everyone tonight? I like a good cheeseburger as much as the next guy, but seriously, folks, does anyone really need one that weighs three pounds?
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take (someone or something) seriously

To treat, consider, or approach someone or something with the seriousness or importance that it or they deserve. I wish we had taken her seriously; at the time, her claims seemed too outlandish to be true. If you don't start taking this work seriously, we're going to have to dismiss you from the company.
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take somebody/something ˈseriously

consider or treat something as important or serious: We told him he was in danger but he didn’t take us seriously.
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The number of young people fatally or seriously injured fell by 0.
Martha's spirits sank from taking her responsibilities seriously and planning them and wanting other people to perceive her as good.
The town's figures for those killed or seriously injured are the fourth best in the UK, both in terms of casualties per billion vehicle miles and in terms of total casualties.
The car detonated when police experts tried to dismantle it, seriously wounding two policemen," the police source said.
The seriously injured passengers were transferred to Ibn Baja hospital in Taza.
Five people were seriously injured by a bomb attack on an Iraqi policeman's home in the city of Abu Gharib, just west of the capital of Baghdad, police said on Tuesday.
While it might be natural to suspect that subprime mortgages are responsible for the increase in seriously delinquent loans, this would be misleading.
Mr McCracken telephoned parents of those children most seriously affected by the outbreak to apologise for delays within the HPA.
The latest study by the RAC into the state of motoring says that 45 per cent of the drivers polled north of the Border found gadgets seriously distract them on the road.
I mean, just how seriously can you take a highly successful actress wailing about being overlooked?
The balance board is a seriously tasty piece of kit, sure to spawn plenty more interactive titles in years to come, but here it's a valuable measure of your progress to get trim, shed a few pounds and learn a hell of a lot about your body.
THE number of people killed or seriously injured on Staffordshire's roads has been slashed, according to new figures.
THE number of people killed or seriously injured on Warwickshire's roads has dropped to an alltime low, according to the county council.