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dead serious

absolutely serious; not joking. Tom: You're funning me. Bill: No, I'm dead serious. Mary has threatened divorce a hundred times, but this time she says she's dead serious.
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Get serious!

Inf. Get realistic!; Stop horsing around! Oh, come on! Get serious! You don't really mean that!
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serious about someone

in love with someone; romantically interested in someone. I'm afraid I'm getting serious about Bill. Bill, unfortunately, is pretty serious about Mary.
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get down to some serious drinking

in. to settle down to a long session of drinking. Well, now we can get down to some serious drinking.
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mod. good; profound; excellent. (see also heavy.) Man, these tunes are, like, serious.

serious about someone

mod. in love, or almost in love, with someone. I’m afraid I’m getting serious about Bill.
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References in classic literature ?
There was everything in the world against their being serious but his words and manner.
Adam, my boy," he said at last, "this matter appears to me to be far more serious even than you think.
The present feeling, though not so bright and poetic as the former, was stronger and more serious.
The reputation of an establishment like this is a matter of very serious importance.
There was one member of the family, however, who took a sensible and serious view of the matter.
When the Cobbler happened to fall sick himself of a serious illness, the Governor of the town determined to test his skill.
There was nothing unusual in the picture; the man was evidently rather good looking, about fifty years old, with iron-gray hair, a smooth-shaven face and dark, serious eyes.
Lady Lundie stood her ground, plainly determined to force a serious expression of opinion from her brother-in-law.
As a man devoted to a serious calling in life, there was something that wounded his self-respect in the bare suspicion that he could be guilty of the purely sentimental extravagance called "love at first sight.
Sometimes they say, "Oh, how very serious you have made me look, Miss La Creevy
I didn't know I was expected to be serious as well as sagacious.
It was a kind of serious, almost sorrowful displeasure, which I soon learnt carefully to avoid awakening.
Laziness is a serious illness and one must cure it immediately; yes, even from early childhood.
Of the SERIOUS in writing, and for what purpose it is introduced.
To say nothing of the young men who danced at the Moscow balls being almost all in love with Kitty, two serious suitors had already this first winter made their appearance: Levin, and immediately after his departure, Count Vronsky.