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pass sentence (on someone or something)

1. Literally, of a judge, to determine and read out a sentence following a criminal conviction. Before I pass sentence, I want to allow a victim-impact statement to be read aloud before the court. The judge passed a sentence of 35 years on the convicted murderer.
2. To make or render a judgment someone or something, especially hastily or preemptively. I know you usually don't like musicals, but don't pass sentence until you see this one for yourself. The president has been quick to pass sentence on those who speak out against her policies.
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pass sentence on someone

1. Lit. [for a judge] to read out the sentence of punishment for a convicted criminal. It is my job as judge to pass sentence on you. The judge was about to pass sentence on Max—ten years in prison.
2. Fig. [for someone] to render a judgment on another person in the manner of a judge. You have no right to pass judgment on me! I wish you wouldn't pass judgment on everyone around you.
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sentence someone to something (for something)

[for a judge] to order someone to suffer confinement, death, or labor for committing a crime. The judge sentenced Roger to three years in prison for the crime. The judge sentenced him to hard labor.
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Like Woodson and its progeny, Miller contemplates full-scale sentencing hearings for juveniles convicted of homicide where the sentencer can weigh a defendant's "immaturity, impetuosity, and failure to appreciate risks and consequences.
We created three designations: Death-Sentenced ("DS"), Sentencer-Spared ("SS") (the sentencer was presented with the option of death but chose a lesser sentence), (25) and Prosecutor-Spared ("PS") (the prosecutor did not pursue a death sentence through the sentencing phase, and thus a lesser sentence was imposed).
He was a stern sentencer, but those convicted would receive just deserts Sir David Clarke, Former Recorder of Liverpool
a scheme that gives the sentencer no discretion) was cruel and unusual punishment.
Based on these two strands of cases, the Miller Court concluded that a sentencer must take into account an offender's youth and attendant characteristics before imposing a penalty of LWOP.
The law requires sentencers to try to understand, as best they can, people who do terrible things, rather than simply chalking it up to evil, taking retribution, and being done with it.
This is, of course, one of the manifestations of the 'instinctive synthesis' approach to sentencing whereby, in relation to most considerations, the weight to be accorded to each is for the sentencer to determine.
92) With regard to incapacitation, however, Justice Kennedy found that no sentencer could say with sufficient certainty that a juvenile non-homicide offender "would be a risk to society for the rest of his [or her] life.
This also completes almost 30 years as a sentencer.
preclude a sentencer from taking account of an offender's age and the wealth of characteristics and circumstances attendant to it" and that "a sentencer needed to examine all these circumstances before concluding that life without any possibility of parole was the appropriate penalty.
The sheriff added: "Under the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995, Section 204(2), a sentencer is not to impose custody unless there is no alternative.
The justices indicated their displeasure with the mandatory nature of life without parole sentences in their opinion, writing, "The mandatory penalty schemes at issue here, however, prevent the sentencer from considering youth and from assessing whether the law's harshest term of imprisonment proportionately punishes a juvenile offender.
If God is the ultimate judge, after all, he's also the supreme sentencer.