sentence to

sentence someone to something (for something)

[for a judge] to order someone to suffer confinement, death, or labor for committing a crime. The judge sentenced Roger to three years in prison for the crime. The judge sentenced him to hard labor.
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There the Recorder of the States came to read the sentence to him.
The clerk presented the sentence to the provost, who affixed his seal to it, and departed to pursue his round of the audience hall, in a frame of mind which seemed destined to fill all the jails in Paris that day.
130) Although the Division had full power to review and revise sentences, it usually merely substituted a different sentence on appeal without linking the new sentence to specific sentencing purposes.
The Supreme Court found this to be a violation of the defendant's Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights to a fair trial by jury, and essentially returned the sentence to 12 years.
Unusually, Shaw was determined to serve his full sentence to ensure that he came out a free man, beholden to nobody, unlike his friends Leroy Roberts and Ches Todd, who accepted parole to escape the horrors of the chain gang.
In order to "sell" a conditional sentence to a skeptical judge, defence counsel must be aware of the kinds of programs available, and must have some reasonable insight into the likelihood that their client will comply with court-imposed conditions.
The thief who steals a bicycle in Lethbridge should get a similar sentence to the thief who steals a bicycle in Fort McMurray.
On the last day of his term, Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder commuted Washington's sentence to life in prison.
States concerned that juries may refuse to impose penalties on convicted defendants, particularly in racially charged cases, could impose minimum sentences and entrust the decision to suspend the sentence to the judge--precisely to prevent such nullification.
Not all states with sentencing guidelines have truth in sentencing, and among those that do, the portion of the sentence to be served often is not 85 percent.
At that stage, one option for the sentencer is to bring the community sentence to an end and to re-sentence for the original offense.
California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, who appealed Andrade's sentence to the Supreme Court after it was thrown out in 2001 by the San-Francisco-based 9th U.
It created the United States Sentencing Commission, a permanent administrative agency, and instructed the Commission to create sentencing guidelines that would designate, for each category of offense and offender, a small range of sentences from which the sentencing judge would usually select the sentence to impose.
Over a prisoner's life span, there is always a risk that a liberal governor will commute the sentence to render a defendant eligible for parole; 5) only the death penalty, if carried out, can provide true closure to the traumatized families of the victim.
To those not paid for their opinion, the only obvious conclusion was that Judge Gerhard Gesell had thought long and hard, trying to come up with a sentence to fit the criminal.