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Olivia, 12, Mia, 10 and Lennon 8, sent in by Melanie Thorne
Thing one and thing two from The Cat in the Hat was sent |by Amanda Cotter
In addition to letters, the school sent 26 boxes of donated goods - everything from batteries and books to dried soup and bug spray - to units in Afghanistan and Iraq.
businesses have a First Amendment right to distribute unsolicited e-mail advertisements, but state and federal governments, responding to consumer complaints, now are investigating anti-spam laws that will help reduce the daily torrent of fraudulent e-mail sent to consumers.
Picture 2: Yvonne Swindell, of Smethwick, sent this picture of Pepsi telling Santa she's been a good girl this year.
We've long known that school-choice opponents Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy and Jesse Jackson sent all of their kids to private schools.
The letter must be sent to the former client and the SEC by the end of the fifth business day following the member firm's determination the client-auditor relationship has ceased or will cease on completion of the current year's engagement.
Sellers can target ad distribution, while buyers can track items and have alerts sent to their mobile device.
As for charges that the mailings are politically motivated, Pombo told Sherman on the House floor: ``We sent out pieces in the Democratic districts, in the Republican districts.
Beware: cc:FAX can only send text messages, which means documents with graphics cannot be sent via fax modem.
Once sent, the files can be tracked on the YouSendIt website.
You sent us so many pictures of your festive pets that we will be featuring a page of pictures to make you smile every day this week
A Fire Department dispatcher sent an ambulance to a home in Sylmar that was listed in a database for the telephone number instead of to the address family members were giving.
For Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers or compatibles, the HP Laser-Jet Fax ($1,395) is an add-on accessory that has send-and-receive capability and can be integrated with a computer enabling PC files to be sent as faxes.
Text Reminders - users can track what they need to do with texts that are sent to them as reminders.