send word to

send word to someone

to get a message to someone by any means. I will send word to her as soon as I have something to report. Tom sent word to Bill just in time.
See also: send, word
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Bilal is instructed to send word to Mehmet Ali Aydynlar, the candidate supported by the prime minister, on the strategy Aydynlar should adopt during the club's general assembly.
While he admits that being out of sight at London Irish for the past two seasons probably hasn't helped his cause he sees the arrival of Edwards at the Exiles as a golden opportunity to send word to Warren Gatland about his international credentials.
However SPB is still to send word to Potraz regarding the winners whose financial bids will then be opened and assessed before the board.
The ball will soon be in Sush's court as he reportedly plans to send word to her for the role.
Users can easily send "broadcast" messages, to announce a price change or other news to up to 500,000 people, in the same amount of time it would take to send word to one person.