send to

send something to someone or something

to dispatch something to someone, something, or some place. I will send the books to my parents. I sent the order to Detroit.
See also: send
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Even so, 80% of the money that immigrants send to their countries of origin passes through our offices," says Gonzalo Valiente Calvo, vice president of the National Association of Remittance Agencies.
CPAs can continue to include Social Security numbers on official government forms that they send to clients, and as of Jan.
By this afternoon, the two kindergarten classes at Valley Presbyterian School in North Hills will have brought about 150 dozen assorted varieties of home-baked cookies to send to American soldiers.
amp;uot;Now, CCIS users can quickly and easily send files via a web browser and they can avoid the file size restrictions when they send to a business associate using a traditional dial-up ISP.
Some online services allow Mac and Windows users only to play voice messages, but the new MessageBay Mac plug-in is the first to enable Mac users to Record and send to both Mac or Windows users just as easily, and directly from any web page.
0 allows each client on a company's network to directly send to and receive faxes from another client, without requiring separate modems and phone lines.