send back

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send someone or something back

to cause someone or something to return. He came to apologize, but I sent him back. Send back these goods. They are defective.
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send back somebody/something

also send somebody/something back
to return someone or something to the place they came from A year after he got out of prison, he was sent back for dealing in drugs. Some computer ads allow users to click on a button and send an e-mail back to the advertiser. If that steak isn't cooked enough, you should send it back.
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send back

1. To order someone to return; have someone return: He came to visit me at a bad time, so I sent him back. She sent the children back to the same school they attended the year before.
2. To return something, especially as a way of rejecting it: I went to the post office to send back the broken toaster. The steak was undercooked, and I had to send it back to the kitchen.
3. To return or reply to someone or something by mail or some other means of communication: I sent back a reply via fax. Please send a quick message back by e-mail if you can't come to the party.
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Then the Supreme Court ordered Italian ambassador Daniele Mancini not to leave India till the next hearing on 2 April, after Italy went back on its commitment to send back the two marines for further trial.
According to the Seoul-based Yonhap News Agency, South Korea is set to send back, Thursday, the protest letter.
Judge Tamotsu Shoji and Judge Junichi Yoshikai separately decided to send back two of the three, a 19-year-old and a 16-year-old, to the prosecutors.
I urge every academy member to seriously study the issues and be sure to send back your vote on this very important matter.
There are no "rip off" coupons to send back with the installment payments and owners will have to remember to make a copy and send back the entire bill with their payment.
The planetary probe was programmed to send back detailed data on Mars' weather, atmosphere, water, and soil--stuff you'd need to know before you took off.
Strategy has also been evolved to send back the deputationist to their parent departments and appoint Officers on Special Duty (OSD) in their place in different departments of CDA.
India has severed diplomatic ties with Italy over Rome's decision not to send back its two marines to India for trial in connection with the murder of two Indian fishermen last year.
PESHAWAR, January 30, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Afghan Commissionerate has announced to send back all Afghan migrants, resident in Pakistan, by December 2012 here on Sunday.
However, if the court determines that the family has a right to privacy, as Vladeck predicts, then the question will shift to the public value of the requested documents, a subjective decision that the Supreme Court could either rule on or send back to district court.
Reach Samnang, police chief of Mondulkiri Province, told Kyodo News the move was taken after Prime Minister Hun Sen appealed to local authorities to send back any Vietnamese who enter Cambodia illegally.
For the quantum-holography scheme mentioned in the article to work, the enclosure into which one set of entangled photons vanishes must send back some critical information about those photons: the times at which they strike the enclosure's walls.
During that time, the Observer will send back detailed Mars maps and readings on conditions such as climate and soil composition.
At that time, the specialist will use Sunrise Access Manager to send back an authorization request for additional services to a medical manager using Trillium MCS.