send around

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send someone or something around

to cause someone or something to go from place to place. I sent my secretary around to look for the missing book. I will send around some papers for you to sign.
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send around something

also send something around
to cause something to be seen by a number of different people The teachers sent around a letter comparing their salaries to the teachers' in neighboring towns. He finished the manuscript and began sending it around to publishers.
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Despite the fact that Scotland has its own Parliament and powers to make its own laws, it will send around 70 MPs to Westminster who will very probably give Tony Blair the majority he needs to stay in power.
Motherwell looked to have have hung on for a battling point when Pierre Van Hooijdonk grabbed that late, late winner to send around 50,000 Celtic fans into raptures.
The Court compared Local Law 1 with the window guard laws that require owners to send around notices and then inspect if the notice is not returned and concluded the City Council did not want to impose this kind of burden in connection with lead paint.
We send around 800,000 texts per month from this number to remind people they have a payment due, or to let them know they have missed a payment.
According to the freighter, the new service will enable Filipinos to send around 20 kilos and around 50 kilos by air to the capital of the Philippines, Manila.
ADVENTURE Sue Cansdale from Hartburn near Morpeth with some of the sheep she will send around the world
The United States has already pledged to send around 3,200 additional troops in the spring of this year, when the violence traditionally heats up, and has asked other NATO members to send a total of 3,200 extra troops to the country.
The five Merseyside boroughs currently send around 75% of their waste to the sites.
7 Schroeder obtained cabinet approval to send around 3,900 troops to Afghanistan from the German defense force in response to a U.
I send around two-thirds of the horses I pick up to the US, and that's what has happened to four of the last six horses I've bought in Germany.
When NFL Films did game-highlight clips to send around to TV stations back in the early '60s, there was plenty of tape left with nowhere to show it.
The RAA are planning to send around 20 shoesized boxes to service men and women.
Liverpool Hope is expected to send around a dozen trainees each year for four-week placements in Spain.
A new compact disc has been developed by Alnwick District Council's regeneration unit to send around Britain and abroad.