send across

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send someone or something across (something)

to cause someone or something to cross something. The coach sent the player across the field to give a message to someone on the other side. We sent the taxi across the river to pick up Gerald on the other side.
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And that got him to think of using the cartoon characters to send across the political message, without any malice.
Because of the volume of information that smartphones can access and send across wireless networks, the capacities of those networks are being stretched to the limits.
Star Wars creator GEORGE LUCAS has branded the US a "provincial country" which invades the world via Hollywood, saying movie-makers should take more responsibility for the messages their films send across the planet.
The files we send across our network can be very large, in the hundreds of megabytes, so high performance is essential.
So, apart from sharing the photos, the travellers send across the message that the Delhi Airport Terminal 3 experience is indeed fun, thereby popularising India's image on the social platform," shares Arpit Gupta, cofounder of Piquor.
So through this song, we have tried to send across a message of peace," said Romy.
The Bridges Nursery in Gateshead has collected shoeboxes, filled with goodies, to send across the world to some of its poorest countries.
Plus, images can be converted into fractal encoding for a quick and easy way to send across the Internet," said Stephanie Robey, president of PhotoSpin Inc.