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If selves are born inside genes, then like all things biological, selves must have an evolutionary advantage and an evolutionary history.
Selves leave no fossils, so we cannot know for certain how the first colonial (multicellular) organisms came to sense their selves.
Invisible Man is more aware of "that progress goo" that a transcendental history requires, and hence the possibility of teleological movement and linear temporality is challenged: "Not only could you travel upward toward success but you could travel downward as well; up and down, in retreat as well as in advance, crabways and crosswa ys and around in a circle, meeting your old selves coming and going and perhaps all at the same time.
This plunging of I-You throws the chronological progression of the novel--and this essay's following of the plummet-ing lead/light novel- into abyme: Both reader and narrator are "ruined" into the plurality and difference of one another from the instant "I" is written/seen; the "frightening possibilities" (507) and "abysmal pain" (579) of identity unbounding, of Self being (having always been) destabilized into selves, mark the abyss of infinite reflection.
They analyzed patterns of brain damage in 29 previously published cases of disordered selves.
However, as Michael Schoenfeldt's Bodies and Selves in Early Modern England makes clear, it is still quite possible to say important and original things about both bodies and selves, and about the ways in which early modern writers imagined each in terms of the other.
People have a need to view them selves as good and meaningful citizens of their cultures," Heine remarks.
Males also tended to express higher levels of satisfaction with their physical selves than did their female classmates.
Lantolf (2000) `Second language learning as participation and the (re)construction of selves, in Lantolf, J.