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Located adjacent to NJ2, the expansion currently features 22,000 sellable square feet with a potential additional expansion capacity of 40,000 sellable square feet.
With the processing improvements we are making, this material becomes a sellable commodity.
Instead of going into posh shops she is to challenge managers to turn other people's cast-offs into sellable stock and try to revamp charity shops' dusty image.
QuietRock achieves the same or higher STCs with simple single-stud construction, thus recapturing valuable sellable floor space.
And last night Rae's agent, Blair Morgan, admitted he is aware that Dens boss Dario Bonetti is actively seeking to find a buyer for his club's most sellable asset.
Department of Housing and Urban Development and quickly make them presentable and sellable.
The proposed improvements will include a 24-unit, 7-story building area and 20,400 s/f of sellable area.
We could have decentralization of power but in a politically sellable way,'' Chemerinsky said.
This process will allow Anticus to assist cheese processors, beer and soft drink manufacturers as well as bottle recyclers, in transforming by-products, waste and overdue goods into a valuable, sellable yeast which is typically used in the production of animal feed.