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to Atlantic ago the was next have great viability of shop made the been It has just become a valuable and sellable plot of land B James Atlantic Wharf
9 megawatts of power capacity and 88,900 net sellable square feet to support future growth.
According to Equinix it plans to expand its Singapore IBX by 1,588 square metres, adding about 300 sellable cabinets and additional power for the original expansion, with availability expected in the fourth quarter 2008.
This system must generate enough leads to see at least five potentially sellable appointments per week.
The Stellar system allows for an increase in power output for the plant during peak temperature conditions, which provides additional sellable power.
With every square inch of pattern plate now needed for sellable castings, runners must be shortened and their cross-sectional areas decreased to add castings to the mold.
Hearts captain Cameron is now the only senior sellable asset left at the club and Souness could get his man in a shock snatch raid.
Why put sellable material in a landfill if you can find a use for it?
Develops, implements, and manages marketing services including business-to-business telemarketing in order to generate sellable leads and schedule qualified appointments for sales representatives.
The A3 system's technology allows for the production of sellable crops at temperatures lower than 50[degree sign] F, circumventing a limitation that currently blocks traditional farming methods in these conditions.
This six-story building contains 40,856 s/f and contains a sellable lower level.
I know they will probably sell players, but they will let sellable assets go.
The London datacentre will provide a total of approximately 35,000 sq ft of raised floor space, which the company anticipates will be brought online in late 2008 yielding a total of 25,000 sq ft of sellable space.
Quinn has played 25 times this season and is regarded as one of the Steelmen's major sellable assets alongside striker David Clarkson.