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select from someone or something

to make a choice from a group of people or things. You will have to select from the people we have asked to interview with you today. They told me that I had to select from what you have in stock.
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select someone from something

to choose someone from a group of people. You will have to select a new secretary from the available pool of workers. I selected Ted from the applicants I had at the time.
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select someone or something as something

to choose someone or something to be something. The voters selected Alice as the county treasurer. We selected Acme as our main distributor.
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select someone or something for someone or something

to choose someone or something for the benefit of someone or something. You need a helper, so I will select someone for you. Jane selected a car for her husband.
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References in classic literature ?
If our neophyte, strong in the new-born love of antiquity, were to undertake to imitate what he had learnt to admire, it must be allowed he would act very injudiciously, if he were to select from the Glossary the obsolete words which it contains, and employ those exclusively of all phrases and vocables retained in modern days.
As the select assemblies for choosing the President, as well as the State legislatures who appoint the senators, will in general be composed of the most enlightened and respectable citizens, there is reason to presume that their attention and their votes will be directed to those men only who have become the most distinguished by their abilities and virtue, and in whom the people perceive just grounds for confidence.
And the prince that lacks this skill lacks the essential which it is desirable that a captain should possess, for it teaches him to surprise his enemy, to select quarters, to lead armies, to array the battle, to besiege towns to advantage.
I have often been favoured with the confidence of these select natures, and find them to concur in the experience that great men are overestimated and small men are insupportable; that if you would love a woman without ever looking back on your love as a folly, she must die while you are courting her; and if you would maintain the slightest belief in human heroism, you must never make a pilgrimage to see the hero.
Sviazhsky comically imitated the tearful discourse of the marshal, and observed, addressing Nevyedovsky, that his excellency would have to select another more complicated method of auditing the accounts than tears.
I am now living, for economy's sake, in a little town in Brittany, inhabited by a select circle of serious English friends, and possessed of the inestimable advantages of a Protestant clergyman and a cheap market.
We had a meeting that evening of the Select Committee of the Mothers'-Small-Clothes-Conversion-Society.
To make room for these buttons, select the Orders subform and the Orders Detail subform (select both subforms by clicking on one of them, then holding down the Shift key and clicking on the second one) and drag them down about a half-inch.
NASDAQ: HRMI) (HRM), a full-service supplier of managed care and health care information services and Select Care, a preferred provider and managed care organization, announced today that they have signed a contract to jointly distribute their combined services.
The Select Vaccine technology is particularly promising for addressing viral disease targets, which complements AVANT's bacterial vaccine pipeline and allows AVANT to more fully address the total vaccine market, which industry experts estimate will exceed $20 billion by 2010.
Now open FrontPage and the Garden Delights Web site and create a new page by doing the following: In Navigation View, click on the Home Page (Garden Delights) and select File, New and Page.
We feel it is important to support our community and help to reduce hunger in the greater Pittsburgh region," says Kevin Klinvex, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Select International.
For this example, click on the dropdown arrow in the Cell Value Is field and select the second option, Formula Is.
When we formed Select International in 1993, our goal was to become a leading provider of assessment solutions and a trusted partner when it comes to selecting and developing great people," said Kevin Klinvex, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Select International.
To copy data to the Clipboard, use the left mouse key or the SHIFT and arrow keys to select the data.