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select from someone or something

to make a choice from a group of people or things. You will have to select from the people we have asked to interview with you today. They told me that I had to select from what you have in stock.
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select someone from something

to choose someone from a group of people. You will have to select a new secretary from the available pool of workers. I selected Ted from the applicants I had at the time.
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select someone or something as something

to choose someone or something to be something. The voters selected Alice as the county treasurer. We selected Acme as our main distributor.
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select someone or something for someone or something

to choose someone or something for the benefit of someone or something. You need a helper, so I will select someone for you. Jane selected a car for her husband.
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In other business, shareholders approved the material terms of the performance goals under Select Comfort's executive and key employee incentive plan, approved the company's non-employee director equity plan and ratified the appointment of KPMG LLP as independent auditors for the current fiscal year.
The creation of AMC SELECT, combined with the recent partnership between AMC and the Tribeca Film Festival is further indication of their commitment to independent filmmaking," said Craig Hatkoff, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival.
These enhanced applications will benefit more than 150 users of Select Comfort's data warehouse across different divisions, including human resources, financial and manufacturing operations.
With Placemark Select, we can offer an industry leading UMA program without making significant investments in operations and infrastructure typically required to support such a program.
Under the program, EMC Select partners will directly deliver service and support for their specific products.
When the Command Button Wizard opens, select Form Operations and Open Form and click on Next (exhibit 7, below).
To get more mileage out of the landscape effort, Iowa Select Farms involved diverse groups in the project as cooperating research partners.
SELECT Component Factory is designed to provide our customers a realistic means of adopting component-based development," said Stuart Frost, chairman and chief executive officer for SELECT.
Select Medical Corporation is a leading operator of specialty hospitals in the United States.
The Select Vaccine technology is particularly promising for addressing viral disease targets, which complements AVANT's bacterial vaccine pipeline and allows AVANT to more fully address the total vaccine market, which industry experts estimate will exceed $20 billion by 2010.
OrderNo has been designated as the primary key (right-click on the OrderNo and select Primary Key from the shortcut menu).
PITTSBURGH -- Select International, a global provider of human resource assessment solutions located in Pittsburgh's North Hills, collected more than 1,500 food items for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (GPCFB).
Here's how to set up the function: Using exhibit 1 as an example, select cell C15 containing the Total Assets amount--$4,480,000--and then, holding down the Ctrl key, select cell C32 containing Total Liabilities and Owners' Equity--$4,540,000.
PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh-based Select International, a global provider of human resource assessment solutions, demonstrated significant growth and continued profitability in 2006.