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select from someone or something

to make a choice from a group of people or things. You will have to select from the people we have asked to interview with you today. They told me that I had to select from what you have in stock.
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select someone from something

to choose someone from a group of people. You will have to select a new secretary from the available pool of workers. I selected Ted from the applicants I had at the time.
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select someone or something as something

to choose someone or something to be something. The voters selected Alice as the county treasurer. We selected Acme as our main distributor.
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select someone or something for someone or something

to choose someone or something for the benefit of someone or something. You need a helper, so I will select someone for you. Jane selected a car for her husband.
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With the implementation of EMC Select, however, EMC is taking a huge step beyond its historical one-sided view of remarketer relationships, and toward a philosophy that is far more partner-centric than product vendors, reseller partners, analysts and other observers ever believed possible.
Select Customers and click on Next (exhibit 8, below).
From the very beginning of our discussions with Trees Forever, it was obvious that even though our organizations are quite different, we share a mission dedicated to environmental stewardship," says Jeff Hansen, third-generation farmer and pork producer, and founder of Iowa Select Farms in 1992.
As a complement to SELECT SE, the product allows database specialists to recover a data model of an existing relational database, rapidly design data service components which "wrap" the database, and publish details of the new data service components in SELECT Component Manager(TM) for use in new component-based applications.
When the Command Button Wizard appears (exhibit 5), from the Categories window, select Report Operations, and from the Actions window, select Preview Report window (exhibit 8, below).
First, Select VLPs have a specific size and assembly process different from other VLPs which enables the expression of much larger vaccine antigens than can be expressed on other types of VLPs and also offers the prospect for distinctive antigen processing.
To do that, right-click on the Password textbox, select Form Field Properties and change the Password field from No to Yes.
Select International offers other incentive programs, including Cork Awards that recognize and reward employees for working eIabove and beyond', and a Gain Sharing Program that will be unveiled later this year.
So if you want to see all values for the West region, click on the drop-down arrow in the Region column and select West.
Select Edit and Paste Link from the menu to create the link.
Select has also worked proactively with Guardian to identify key issues leading to turnover.
With the offer by our joint venture partner to purchase our 50% interest, Select and our parent, Tri-Valley, saw a way to more quickly and effectively leverage our capital and the knowledge and experience gained from our joint venture participation by redeploying into enhancing oil drilling activities and obtaining greater benefit from Select's 100% owned mineral opportunities," said Dr.
Through an intuitive browser application, ISEE Select enables subscribers to identify investor sentiment for individual securities or select industry sectors based on a unique calculation methodology that uses proprietary ISE opening customer trade data.
NEW YORK -- Industrious little spiders weave intricate webs into strong three-dimensional sector icons in the new fourth quarter ad campaign launched by Select Sector SPDRs, a family of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that divide the S&P 500 into nine individual sector index funds.
NASDAQ:QVDX) providing care management, clinical analysis and clinical quality improvement solutions, today announced the results of its 2006 Select Practice National Quality Leader reports.