seize onto

seize onto someone or something

to grab onto someone or something. The beggar seized onto the well-dressed gentleman and demanded money. Tony seized onto the doorknob and gave it a hard jerk.
See also: seize
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For the first, Tim Cahill did well to seize onto Leon Osman's ball into the area, and returned the favour with a neat square pass allowing the little midfielder to pick his spot and calmly side foot home.
The claim that Brown thought the r ecession would only last six months goes against the Labour-created image of a man who knew what he was dealing within the face of the banking crisis - and the Tories will seize onto that.
As Leeds attacked down the City right, Jermaine Darlington broke up the play, exchanged a quick one-two with Ardley and delivered a ball up the line for Koumas to seize onto with his first touch of the game.