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segregate (someone) from (someone else)

 and segregate (something) from (something else)
to separate someone from someone else or something from something else. I was asked to segregate the swimmers from the nonswimmers. Let's segregate the larger fish from the smaller ones.
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segregate (someone, something, or an animal) into something

to isolate someone, an animal, or something into something or a special place. We segregated the infected people into a separate room. Let's segregate the white pigs into a different pen.
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segregate something from something else Go to segregate someone from someone

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The court noted that the defendants' segregative activities had infected virtually every aspect of public education and that, accordingly, the remedy "must be designed to reach the limits of the defendants' activities in these several areas and must be designed to require the defendants to .
Le second type, la << democratisation segregative >>, fait plutot reference au mouvement inverse au premier.
It serves both integrative and segregative purposes.
La ou une approche segregative, integrative ou specialisee de la diversite scolaire problematisait la situation d'un enfant considere comme inapte a etre scolarise dans une ecole ordinaire, la pedagogie inclusive mise plutot sur l'ajustement du systeme educatif aux besoins specifiques d'une clientele etudiante diversifiee sur les plans de la mobilite physique, des styles d'apprentissage, de l'origine ethnoculturelle et de la langue maternelle, pour ne nommer que ces facteurs.
He further said that electioneering in Punjab was in full swing, however, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Awami National Party (ANP) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) had been pushed against the wall, adding elections held in such a hostile as well as segregative atmosphere could never be free and fair.
A thoroughly African-American community due to past and current segregative practices, the Woodlawn-Roseland neighborhood that I grew up in has long been plagued with high rates of crime, poverty, and unemployment.
U'-shaped distributions indicating high segregative effects
Any element which tends to unify a composition is a cohesive force and those elements which break the monotony of the composition is segregative force.
This segregative mentality is borne out most recently in Frieze Art Fair's decision to stage its inaugural New York incarnation on Randall's Island.
As a first step in rectifying the segregative impact of charter schools, this Article proposes that the federal government require more inclusionary practices by charter schools for states to receive federal funding for their charter schools.
Sometimes the Court views racial classification schemes that are obviously segregative as particularly virulent.
In construing the nature of the original pact, the constitutional court may rely initially on the express provisions of the federative constitution and in particular on the rules governing the division of powers between the federal and federate levels of government, which reflect the aggregative and segregative factors underlying the federative pact.
Psychoanalysis supposes that desire is fundamentally Oedipal and that social structures reproduce the Oedipal unconscious (the rigid correspondence between society and the unconscious is the bi-univocal use of the conjunctive synthesis of desire), and diverts the revolutionary potential of desire through its dependence on the segregative use of the conjunctive synthesis of desire.
1302, 1326-30, 1341-42 (2007) (discussing restrictive covenants as devices to signal a community's character and noting the potential of even unenforceable covenants to send racially segregative signals).
What a decade of high-stakes testing has accomplished is to serve as an effective tool for labeling as failures high poverty schools with low test scores, and converting them into charter schools, which have been shown in separate research studies from UCLA and the University of Colorado to have large segregative effects when compared to matched public schools.