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segregate (someone) from (someone else)

 and segregate (something) from (something else)
to separate someone from someone else or something from something else. I was asked to segregate the swimmers from the nonswimmers. Let's segregate the larger fish from the smaller ones.
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segregate (someone, something, or an animal) into something

to isolate someone, an animal, or something into something or a special place. We segregated the infected people into a separate room. Let's segregate the white pigs into a different pen.
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segregate something from something else Go to segregate someone from someone

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Globalement, les resultats precedents conduisent a constater la persistance d'une democratisation segregative.
Given the differences by race and class embedded in choice, (62) treating everyone alike almost guarantees segregative outcomes.
at 734-43 (discussing segregative effects of the contemporary policies and possible responses to cure them).
Furthermore, in 1931 more than 80 percent of California school districts with significant Latino populations were segregated and many of the remaining 20 percent maintained segregative practices, some of which endured into the 1950s (Bowman, 2001, p.
Although the School Board in Keyes attempted to hide its segregative practices by suggesting that the racial imbalance existing in the Park Hill schools was the result of Blacks continuing to move into already established Black neighborhoods, some Justices, namely, Powell and Douglas were not fooled.
It also provides high accuracy mixing of critical fluids into a powder mixture such as flavours, solvents, detergents and for the mixing of segregative and cohesive powders as well as pastes and fluids.
Participants repeatedly called for fundamental change to alter such negative views and assumptions about individuals with disabilities and their families as well as segregative approaches that were often pressed based on negative views of disability.
may have helped convince them to make segregative housing decisions.
The Court followed Brown principles and held that a presumption of system-wide segregative intent arises where proof of intentional segregation in a significant portion of the system is shown and remains effectively unrefuted.
A l'inverse, (b) renvoie a une distribution [much less than] segregative [much greater than]: les membres du groupe X se localisent uniquement dans quatre unites spatiales sur 30.
Such an approach implements at a more general level the segregative strategies observed in individual schools by sanctioning a divorce between student and school which is not socially neutral and whose effects on employment and further study are difficult to reverse.
Although some aspects of Maghull's past sound stern and segregative today, the general impression gleaned is of a thriving community where generations of committees and staff attempted to do their best for the residents of the house.
However, as explored in this study via the review of existing literature and proceedings of official bodies, other than the interviews with women-entrepreneurs, one critical issue is the segregative clauses in the Turkish Legal Code that barriers the would-be contribution of female workforce (and entrepreneurship) to business life.
The giant multi-nucleate cells of the green alga, Boergesenia forbesii, undergo segregative cell division upon wounding such that small protoplasts are formed within 2 hours.