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segregate (someone) from (someone else)

 and segregate (something) from (something else)
to separate someone from someone else or something from something else. I was asked to segregate the swimmers from the nonswimmers. Let's segregate the larger fish from the smaller ones.
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segregate (someone, something, or an animal) into something

to isolate someone, an animal, or something into something or a special place. We segregated the infected people into a separate room. Let's segregate the white pigs into a different pen.
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segregate something from something else Go to segregate someone from someone

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Integration is the process of deconstructing a system of second-class citizenship set up by a segregating institution and reversing the damage it caused.
Most foundries handle their material totally differently as compared to 20 years ago by segregating materials by waste stream prior to shipment.
You do this by utilizing cost segregation techniques -- that is segregating the various building costs into separate categories as defined by the IRS.
The segregated portfolio company creates individual captive "cells" that are separate from each other but linked to the captive, segregating the assets and liabilities of each cell and protecting participants against another cell's insolvency or bad loss experience.
Dubai: One-fifth of the shopping centres and malls in Dubai have started segregating recyclable waste.
We're trying to avoid segregating the inmates by race,'' Pena said.
In addition, it noted that segregating multiple interests in an IRA does not render a beneficiary's interest in that IRA forfeitable or, in and of itself, subject the beneficiaries to any tax consequences.
For larger foundries, one of the advantages of segregating core sand streams from molding sand streams is that the two types of sands are better suited for different markets.
FTU has mitigated the asset risk associated with the FAMC purchase by segregating for accelerated disposition all of FAMC's nonperforming and other impaired assets.
Orchestria Legal Hold Empowers General Counsel to Gain Control of the Litigation Process by Automating Legal Hold Notices, Accurately Segregating Electronically Stored Information, and Providing Powerful and Unique Case Discussion Prevention Capabilities
The passive loss rules necessitate rethinking whether segregating activities is always desirable.
Up to 85 percent of the aluminum's primary value can be retained by segregating the scrap and turning it back into automotive sheet metal.