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seethe with someone or something

to swarm or seem to "boil" with someone or something. The wedding reception was seething with guests and well-wishers. The room was just seething with flies and other flying creatures.

seethe with something

[for someone] to be agitated with anger, hatred, scorn, disgust, etc. Laura was seething with rage as she entered the tax office. We were seething with disgust at the rude way they treated the people who had just moved in.
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Though bodies float and surfaces seethe as if entire insect colonies were crawling under their skins, Stojak's distinct asceticism envelops her vigil in a kind of cloistered quiet that almost soothes one's sense of unrelieved anxiety.
While the sad-sack Republicans try to erect a gallows for Kennedy, the Democrats seethe.
True to the documentary-art format, these photographs seethe with an underlying psychological tension: at an army base, an Anglo soldier stands looking at his young son, who is dressed in military camouflage gear and scowling at the camera; a rabbi cuts the foreskin from a tiny baby's penis as two men, presumably the father and another male relative, look on and laugh ecstatically at this initiation ritual; a handsome African-American teenager in black-tie escorts his date in sparkling-white taffeta to a formal dance and, arms crossed defensively, looks coolly into the camera.
Meanwhile, residents like Chuck Carmichael continue to seethe.
David is too nice to seethe - but not above a little opportunism.
O'Neal used to seethe at the injustice of it all and his game suffered for it.
Our success will, hopefully, make those humorless, school-taught musicians seethe with envy and disgust when they see how many people actually like our music.
It gives us a few days to seethe, and to think about how bad it feels every time they think about that loss,'' McCarthy said, ``to think about how bad it feels to lose to a team that was 5-18.
Granted, it's not easy to seethe in silence when you're being called an idiot and a poltroon (and an ungrateful poltroon at that), but seething in silence was the ticket to coexistence when they got him, and it's still the ticket.
If De Keersmaeker remains a cool analyst, Waltz seethes with the dangerous Romantic passion at the heart of Schubert's Fantasie in F Minor for Piano, Four Hands.