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seep away

[for a fluid] to escape little by little, as through a leak. All the oil seeped away, leaving none in the engine. The water seeped away after a while.
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seep in (to something)

[for a fluid] to trickle or leak out of something. Water is seeping into the basement. Water is seeping in very slowly.
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seep out (of something)

[for a fluid] to trickle or leak out of something. A lot of oil has seeped out of the car onto the driveway. There is oil seeping out. There must be a leak.
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seep through something

[for a fluid] to permeate something and escape. The oil seeped through the gasket onto the ground. Some water seeped through the ceiling, ruining our carpet as well as the ceiling.
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seep out

1. To escape or pass slowly through small openings or pores: I think that gas is seeping out through a crack in the tank.
2. To become known to the public through a breach of secrecy: The details they refused to talk about will eventually seep out to the press.
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8 meters underground, but according to the spokesman of TEPCO last week that, some of the underground water may have seeped over the wall.
Laurent's home wasn't damaged, but water seeped into the home of neighbor David Rosser.
Movile formed when heated water far beneath Earth's surface seeped up into the limestone rock above," says Kane.
BONE CENSUS The La Brea tar pits probably formed during the last set of ice ages, when petroleum seeped to Earth's surface through fractured rock.
It's a long-term threat, but we need to address it,'' said Lenny Siegel, director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight, who has worked on sites in Mountain View where chemical fumes seeped into houses.
NEWHALL - Centuries ago, the gooey oil that seeped to the surface in Towsley Canyon was collected by Tatavium Indians who used the tarlike substance to waterproof their hand-made baskets.
Because the carbon wasn't concentrated along cracks or fractures, it's unlikely that it came from hydrocarbons that later seeped into the paleosol.
She intends to see how deeply those pollutants travel once seeped into the soil.
In particular, nitrates from septic tanks have seeped into seawater, says Burnett.