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seep away

[for a fluid] to escape little by little, as through a leak. All the oil seeped away, leaving none in the engine. The water seeped away after a while.
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seep in (to something)

[for a fluid] to trickle or leak out of something. Water is seeping into the basement. Water is seeping in very slowly.
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seep out (of something)

[for a fluid] to trickle or leak out of something. A lot of oil has seeped out of the car onto the driveway. There is oil seeping out. There must be a leak.
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seep through something

[for a fluid] to permeate something and escape. The oil seeped through the gasket onto the ground. Some water seeped through the ceiling, ruining our carpet as well as the ceiling.
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seep out

1. To escape or pass slowly through small openings or pores: I think that gas is seeping out through a crack in the tank.
2. To become known to the public through a breach of secrecy: The details they refused to talk about will eventually seep out to the press.
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The seep complex studied is located along White Oak Creek about 6 km south of Havana, Mason County, Illinois (NW1/4 S23 T21N R9W).
In the first fraction of a second after water seeps from a cavern ceiling, some of the gas dissolved in the seepage enters the humid air because the cave's air isn't saturated with carbon dioxide.
He looked thirsty, and apparently figuring all was now safe, he came to the seep without hesitation and lowered his dark muzzle to the puddle.
Not only do the innards of the city seep, but the city itself seeps.
For example, their metabolisms may depend on methane or hydrogen sulfide, a common seep gas toxic to many life forms.
We are at a transformative point in the evolution of the microfinance sector, as world leaders embrace the mandate of global financial inclusion, and technological innovations present immeasurable opportunities to make it a reality," said Sharon D'Onofrio, executive director of The SEEP Network.
The company maintains that production activities are unrelated to the oil seeps.
We sampled 16 locations with various water depths over a 35-square-mile (90-square-kilometer) grid, with an additional comparison sample obtained from within the seep field itself.
With private residences and commercial enterprises scattered throughout the Fruitland Outcrop, the safety of residents and visitors alike have motivated the SUIT to seek the best possible information on methane seep locations across their landholdings, including public lands.
A brine seep (GC233) dominated by mussels symbiotic with methanotrophic bacteria has 13C and t SN depleted nutrient sources (-50 to -65[per thousand] and -9 to -12[per thousand], respectively), indicating methanotrophy using biogenic methane and suggesting ammonium as the dominant nitrogen source.
In horror movies, ground fog can seep under closed windows.
In one such instrument, a computer-controlled heating coil zaps water as it enters one end of a tube placed in the seep.
He said: ``Putting topsoil down will not really help because contamination could seep up from the subsoil.
According to Torning, "Cracks between such liner segments, however small, may trap colored plastic residue that could contaminate different color resins to be processed next, or may allow corrosive resins to seep through to attack the backing tube, shortening its service life.