seen worse

(I've) seen worse.

a noncommittal and not totally negative judgment about something or someone. Alice: How did you like the movie? John: I've seen worse. Bill: What do you think about this weather? Gladys: Seen worse.
See also: seen, worse
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Asked how severe 2P's condition had been, 1H told the coroner: "I have seen worse in Kenya and places like that.
I have seen worse incidents where nothing has happened so I will be surprised if something happens with this.
Moore says: "It didn't bother me and I'm sure they've seen worse than that in London before.
He concluded that dust storms on the island have seen worse years.
The former England skipper has spent a lifetime in the game and, as unthinkable as it is, he has seen worse than this current Ashes thrashing.
I've seen worse on a Saturday night with half the women going out wearing less than that going into nightclubs.
Kerala CM plays down turbulent phase Though many feel Chandy is passing through a turbulent phase in his four-decade-old political career, the Kerala chief minister insists he has seen worse.
I've seen worse," he lies, "and you're breaking your wrists perfectly.
Although blaming an entire ethnic group for the actions of two young men has no rational basis, however, Amardeep Singh, the program director of the Sikh Coalition, said that he has seen worse, adding that Sikhs have often been targeted after terrorist attacks, the Huffington Post reports.
They are OK kids - a bit wild but I have seen worse.
Their knowledge comes from experience as the nation had seen worse days when it was previously torn apart because of sectarian, religious and political differences.
We've seen worse things in other sports, like Eric Cantona karate kicking someone in the crowd or boxers biting people's ears off.
But for a seasoned smoker like me who has seen worse threats, I might not even notice the photo exists.
But he said the country had seen worse in the 1980s when the budget deficit reached nearly 20 percent, compared to less than 10 percent now.
As for Tindall's mildest of "infidelities", the House of Windsor has seen worse.