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The new study convincingly shows that capuchins get "weirded out" by seeing themselves in mirrors and don't treat such images as they do strangers, remarks anthropologist Dean Falk of Florida State University in Tallahassee.
Unfortunately, admitting the possibility of such is not the same as proving that it actually happened--particularly when eyewitnesses, including those cited by Meyssan, unambiguously reported seeing a plane.
The leading producer of dogs in the world, The Seeing Eye is at the forefront of an international initiative to create the best possible guide dogs for blind people from all countries.
I remember walking two years ago on Fifth Avenue and there wasn't an empty space, now you are seeing much more of that.
This vision is far different from one which "glances" at objects in a museum; such a way of seeing merely replicates white erasure of everything but skin color.
Michael Baxandall has suggested that every culture has its own "period eye": the physical act of seeing is culturally conditioned in ways that determine cognitive perception.
Hill is at his best when describing ways of seeing - seeing as power, 'seeing-on', 'seeing-in'.
But there is also another sense in which seeing comes before
Getting past the superficial to seeing and living three dimensionally requires the unified involvement of body, mind and spirit.
The world's number-two semiconductor company is making headlines today, as Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD) announced that it is seeing better-than-projected cost savings from its $5.
The hard part for me was, of course, seeing dead bodies,'' Kim said.
Moving in closer, differences would emerge, but still, seeing double was one of the experiences in play.
I remember seeing an ABT documentary that showed a clip of the ballet and it seemed so difficult.
Among the 137 practices that had at least one physician who reported seeing adolescents and were not missing office staff or physician responses to service provision questions in either the mail or the telephone survey, significantly greater proportions of family medicine and internal medicine practices (71-97%) than of pediatric practices (43-80%) reported that pelvic examinations, contraceptive services and STD testing were available to adolescents.
The county's largest submarket was also one of the most active in 2000, seeing 34% of all leasing activity and 44% of total absorption in the county.