see ahead

see ahead (of someone or something)

to be able to see into the distance in front of someone or something. The fog was so thick I couldn't see ahead of the car. I can't see ahead, so I will have to stop.
See also: ahead, see
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He brings to Mylan a phenomenal breadth of leadership experience across a variety of industries and a new, independent perspective on how to maximize the many potential opportunities we see ahead for our company.
The fully grown garden that I see ahead for Gemini's libraries is still only a picture in my mind, but I can overlay it to the groundwork we've already done and see it beginning to bloom.
Comprehensive, unparalleled coverage of key trends makes Looking Back to See Ahead a critical resource for senior executives, as well as business development, sales, investment, legal, economic development, and other professionals who support the industry, to stay competitive in a fast-moving world.