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lull (one) into a false sense of security

To cause one to feel safe and secure in a situation that is actually the opposite. Installing cameras at home lulled me into a false sense of security, as our house still ended up getting robbed. A: "I can't believe you were able to unseat the valedictorian!" B: "I think three years of accolades lulled her into a false sense of security."
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lull someone into a false sense of security

Cliché to lead someone into believing that all is well before attacking or doing someone bad. We lulled the enemy into a false sense of security by pretending to retreat. Then we launched an attack. The boss lulled us into a false sense of security by saying that our jobs were safe and then let half the staff go.
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security against something

something that keeps something safe; something that protects; a protection. Insurance provides security against the financial losses owing to theft, loss, or damage. A good education is a security against unemployment.
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lull into

Deceive into trustfulness, as in The steadily rising market lulled investors into a false sense of security. The earliest recorded version of this term referred to wine: "Fitter indeed to bring and lull men asleep in the bed of security" (Philemon Holland, Pliny's Historie of the World, 1601. Today it still often appears with the phrase a false sense of security.
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security blanket

Something that dispels anxiety, as in I always carry my appointments calendar; it's my security blanket. This colloquial term, dating from about 1960, was at first (and still is) used for the blanket or toy or other object held by a young child to reduce anxiety.
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a security blanket

A security blanket is something that makes you feel safer and more confident. Everybody has a personal security blanket — it could be a handbag, a piece of jewellery or, if you're a guy, a moustache or a beard. For most of us, the lists we make act as security blankets, telling us what to do and how long to spend doing it. Note: A young child's security blanket is a piece of cloth or clothing which the child holds and often chews in order to feel comforted.
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All hybrid securities have a regular payment stream like a debt instrument, but the payments may be deferred and may or may not be cumulative.
While the SVO had historically considered hybrid securities to be bond-like, the SVO in March reclassified a hybrid security--a $300 million Enhanced Capital Advantaged Preferred security issued by an affiliate of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
For example, an option to convert the principal outstanding under a loan agreement into equity securities is less likely to be identified for valuation and disclosure considerations if it is a clause in a loan agreement than if it is a freestanding agreement.
Assertions about derivatives and securities may be affected by a variety of risks related to external factors, such as--
When a banking organization conducts securities activities outside the bank, through a subsidiary or an affiliate that is a broker-dealer, it is subject to the jurisdiction of both the banking agencies and the securities regulators.
government securities and specific types of municipal obligations are generally subject to the same regulatory regime that applies to nonbank government securities dealers.
3 Competition Pattern of Chinas Securities Industry
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On the second question, the task force concluded the investor should record an exchange of I/0 or P/0 securities from the same trust for the related mortgage-backed security at fair value at the exchange date.
Some task force members noted I/0 and P/0 securities from the same trust are not substantially the same as the related mortgage-backed security, primarily because the liquidity characteristics and market values are different, and they, therefore, don't meet the criteria specified in the SOP
Finally, a complete directory of China's securities companies, regulators and related organizations can be found in the Appendix.
Many would agree that 2004 was the harshest winter for China's securities houses.
Midas Securities has already begun work with Bridge Securities to implement interface of the Midas Global Direct Access Network into Bridge Securities' existing system with the newly developed architecture of Quote and Order servers.
Midas Securities is the first company to provide a direct link between Korean investors and the U.
MetWest Securities will assume responsibility for Cantor Fitzgerald's existing securities lending client accounts and retain its three employees who work in the securities lending division, which currently manages approximately $3.
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