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*a hold on someone a strong

 and secure influence on someone
(*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone~.) The strange religion seemed to have a strong hold on its followers. The drug has a hold on the minds of those who use it.
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secure something against (someone, something, or an animal)

1. to fasten something against the entry of someone, an animal, or something. Jane secured the doors and windows against the prowler who was roving around the neighborhood. You had better secure the henhouse against coyotes.
2. to obtain a legal order involving someone or something. I secured an injunction against Harry. If he bothers you again, he'll have to go into court to explain himself. We can't secure an injunction against this ruling.
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The company reduces the cost and complexity of securely connecting geographically distributed mobile workers to corporate applications or securely connecting an independent home business to the Internet by serving as a single source of contact - managing every aspect of the process, so customer IT organizations or home-based business owners can concentrate on business.
PayPass offers consumers a convenient alternative to cash that allows for small-ticket purchases to be completed quickly, securely and easily.
WorkLight improves corporate productivity by making structured enterprise data securely accessible via RSS, AJAX applications, gadgets, instant messaging and other Web 2.
This is just the beginning of a revolution in which information workers and consumers will securely access personal and sensitive information, using a variety of new Web 2.
ATS' maxiGRIP[TM] heat sink attachment solution has been tested according to some of the most stringent standards for electronic components and every time it has remained securely on the board and showed no damage.
Additionally, ZixDirect users can now securely forward a message and save their password, greatly improving the user experience.
Dedicated to empowering the consumer to securely regain control over their digital identity, Access Smart offers unique, high quality integrated hardware and software packages that securely manage an individual's digital identification and data over wired and wireless networks, computers, Point-of-Sale devices, kiosks, and any other device that can accept and communicate via smartcard technology.
The protection and recovery solutions will help SMBs mitigate risk by helping to ensure information is managed securely and efficiently off-site and that recovery systems are available to bring data quickly back into business operations following a disaster.
DSE Lite is a multi-functional, one-to-one data synchronization tool that enables organizations to easily manage data integration requirements, allowing them to securely move data between any two repositories or applications -- regardless of platform, protocol, type or location.
Customers may conveniently and securely connect from thousands of global Wi-Fi access locations at premium business locations such as airports, hotels and convention centers," she added.
com) is a free service that lets business users and consumers securely access their office and home computers directly from their web-enabled mobile device or computer.