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second-guess someone

to try to predict what some person will do before it is known to anyone, including the person. There is no point in trying to second-guess Bob. He is completely unpredictable.

second-guess somebody/something

1. to try to guess what will happen or what someone will do It's not for us to second-guess the court's decision - we'll just have to wait and see.
2. to criticize someone's actions or an event after it has happened It's easy to second-guess the team's coach - but let's face it, he made big mistakes.
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Roenicke stands by decision: Third base coach Ron Roenicke was not second-guessing his decision to send Guerrero home on Friday's fateful play, noting that there were two outs and Guerrero runs well.
This is not a banner time for financial planners -- with today's shaky economy and quaking stock portfolios, planners are feeling pressure from high net worth clients who may be second-guessing the value of their retainers.
Within the first five minutes of the movie, the Travis family is hit by a shocking tragedy that they could well have seen coming - but then, that kind of second-guessing always accompanies this kind of thing.
All this nonsense about second-guessing the Marine who shot and killed a wounded (and possibly suicidal) terrorist should be stopped.
Until tonight, we were second-guessing our decision to pass up a chance to be in competition at Sundance.
This second-guessing of the composer continued throughout the performance, which was surprisingly dull, both in terms of Lang's playing and Alsop's accompaniment.
They consider this money discretionary funds, with wide latitude to spend more or less as they wish, with nobody second-guessing their decisions.
Then there's the federal consent decree, a bureaucratic albatross that binds the department's hands and subjects its officers to excessive scrutiny and second-guessing - at a price as high as $50 million a year in implementation costs - for as many years as the federal bureaucrats want to keep it in place.
Looking back now, second-guessing yourself is kind of foolish because things happen for a reason.
It's a cocky game and we need to go out there and be cocky and not be second-guessing ourselves.
Frankel, sitting with a glass of water in front of him, then thought for a few seconds before good-naturedly second-guessing himself.
I'm not second-guessing the governor, but we have a process that needs to be improved so that this does not happen again,'' said Jones, a Republican gubernatorial candidate.
That makes for some cruel second-guessing, but when asked if he would have traded Foster had he known Madsen was hurt, Kupchak said, ``Maybe not.