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second-guess someone

to try to predict what some person will do before it is known to anyone, including the person. There is no point in trying to second-guess Bob. He is completely unpredictable.

second-guess somebody/something

1. to try to guess what will happen or what someone will do It's not for us to second-guess the court's decision - we'll just have to wait and see.
2. to criticize someone's actions or an event after it has happened It's easy to second-guess the team's coach - but let's face it, he made big mistakes.
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With losing such an infrequent experience for USC, close games tend to bring out nearly as many second-guessers as a loss would.
Scioscia's playoff run started dubiously, with a loss at Yankee Stadium that was a field day for second-guessers.
Not just from competitors, but from intelligent, well-educated second-guessers who train simply to be skilled antagonists.
Indeed, after a mere six innings, the two teams had combined for 18 runs and 25 hits, had employed nine pitchers and had lifetime second-guessers of baseball managers shaking their noggins in disbelief.
It will be much harder for Clarke to hear the second-guessers from that distance.
Of course, Gambill had his share of second-guessers Sunday.
No doubt there will be more second-guessers where he came from.
Among the Dodgers fans, Dodgers haters, letter writers, radio-show callers, sportswriters, talking heads, second-guessers, soothsayers and sages who make up the great ``they,'' the scapegoat hunt is on, sparing nobody, just about.
They also say that Paramount is being unfairly accused by some sour-grapes second-guessers, who are ignoring the flood of nasty, negative publicity that preceded the film's release and the less-than-certain financial prospects it faced when it agreed to sell ``Titanic'' to NBC.
There were no tears of disappointment, feelings of doubt or second-guessers pouncing on a coach's decision.
A narrow season-opening victory over Georgia Tech seemed scandalous to Notre Dame supporters, and South Bend sports-talk shows were loaded with second-guessers.