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second-guess someone

to try to predict what some person will do before it is known to anyone, including the person. There is no point in trying to second-guess Bob. He is completely unpredictable.

second-guess somebody/something

1. to try to guess what will happen or what someone will do It's not for us to second-guess the court's decision - we'll just have to wait and see.
2. to criticize someone's actions or an event after it has happened It's easy to second-guess the team's coach - but let's face it, he made big mistakes.
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His artistic will, while impossible to second-guess, is not conditional.
The consumer doesn't have to have his or her guard up, and doesn't have to second-guess whether the advice is in their best interest.
First, a federal district court sided with Northwest, saying that arbitrators had no authority to second-guess Morrison's contract, which clearly stated that anyone who walks into a cockpit less than 24 hours after drinking can be fired.
When asked what led up to Van Gundy's remarks, McMorris commented: "This season, Stu Jackson, the NBA's Senior Vice President for Basketball Operations, and Ronnie Nunn, the NBA's Director of Officials, have given the owners, coaches and players free and unfettered license -- perhaps even encouragement -- to criticize, challenge and second-guess the referees on their play-calling.
In an article on Century Management in the April 2003 issue of Financial Planner magazine, retired Los Angeles accountant Harold Berlfein said in the 27 years he's been a Century Management client, he has learned not to second-guess Van Den Berg.
Guerrero did not second-guess himself for the slide that resulted in the injury.
MCAP is fast and easy to use, and, more importantly and distinctively, MCAP does not second-guess treatment decisions.
It's difficult to second-guess, because they are with the horse day and night.
He also committed an error in Game 3 and seemed to get fooled on a ball Darin Erstad rapped off the Green Monster in the ninth inning, but Figgins refuses to second-guess his decision to stop when he could have possibly scored the go-ahead run.
VeriSign is just that - a well-known and respected eCommerce tool that the public trusts and does not have to second-guess when implementing it into their own Web sites.
Like many others, I have carefully reviewed his decisions during the storm and cannot second-guess any of his navigational choices, which were based on the information and forecasts.
Wayne admits he still thinks about hitting, but does not second-guess the position change.