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Perhaps the most ridiculed second-class citizens are people who drive mini-vans.
LINDA SAYS: People still tend to see women who sleep with married men as second-class women, let alone second-class citizens - and married men who sleep with them are people.
University of Southern California President Steven Sample wrote a letter to the Coliseum Commission last month, fearing that a recent draft of the commission's lease agreement with the NFL would leave it as a second-class citizen in the rebuilt stadium.
Mapa may choose to remain a second-class citizen in our decaying facsimile of a democracy rather than immigrate to Canada--at his own risk.
It takes away the desire for a cigarette and you don't have to feel like a second-class citizen or a leper any more,' said Timothy Owens, spokesman for manufacturer Quick Test Five.
When you are in a situation where you have to keep such an important part of yourself secret, you are a second-class citizen, and it really erodes unit cohesion and troop morale.
No child should be made to feel like an outsider or a second-class citizen in a public school because of his or her religious or philosophical beliefs," Cook said.
It will be pretty much along the lines of how great it is to be able to celebrate being the person you want to be, but also, 'Enough of being thought of as a second-class citizen.
Having just received my free travel pass, I get the feeling that I'm a second-class citizen.
As a black man born in America, my life has been a long march away from second-class citizen.
Obviously, Shater was left feeling like a second-class citizen in this land, where every man is supposedly created equal.
British citizens are now second-class citizens in our own country of birth when it comes to immigration rights with respect to family members, wives, husbands or civil partners of non-EU nationality.
Lord McConnell insisted gays were not second-class citizens with fewer rights, as he called on MSPs and ministers to go for equality over discrimination.