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secede from something

to withdraw from something. Which was the first state to secede from the Union? We do not want to secede from the organization, but we will if we must.
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States do not have a right to secede, an issue that was resolved at great cost by the Civil War of 1861-65.
If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede," the Supreme Court justice reportedly wrote.
At the same time that many Texans are looking to secede from the U.
Bashir stated that neither the south nor the north possess adequate resources to pay these debts, especially in light of expected losses of oil revenues for the north if the south is to secede, AN NAHAR reported.
The United States faced that question in 1861, when 11 Southern states tried to secede from--or leave--the Union and form their own country.
In what the chief justice calls Canada's most important legal case ever, the Supreme Court must decide whether Quebec has the right to secede unilaterally and declare independence.
For example, at the Philadelphia Joint Board meeting, 14 of the 21 "delegates" who voted to secede are paid staff members of Joint Board Manager Lynne Fox.
But just how possible would it actually be for Texas to secede from the union in this day and age?
Hey, Texplainer: On what date did Texas actually secede from the Union?
Sudan is due to hold a crucial referendum vote in January 2011 on whether the semi-autonomous region of south Sudan, whose population is predominantly Christian or follows tradition beliefs, should secede from the Muslim-Arab dominated north.
Williams, the well-known conservative black columnist, and Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University: "The War Between the States settled by force whether states could secede.
He believes that the Southern states had the right to secede and he believes that the war's true legacy is the centralization of power in Washington and the deification of the "tyrant" Abraham Lincoln.
Given Berger's view of the Constitution, the South probably had the right to secede.
Thousands of people have signed a petition suggesting that Texas should secede from the union.
Tension is building between north and south Sudan ahead of a referendum vote in which the latter is supposed to vote on whether to remain united with the north or secede to form an independent state.