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search high and low (for someone or something)

To look absolutely everywhere for someone or something. We've been searching high and low for an apartment we can afford, but the housing market in this town is atrocious. I searched high and low, but I couldn't find my passport anywhere.
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search high and low

To look intently for something, usually in many different places I've searched high and low for that old photo album, but I can't find it anywhere.
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search high and low

(for someone or something) Go to hunt high and low (for someone or something).
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search high and low

If you search high and low for something, you search everywhere for it. I've searched high and low and I still can't find that book. Note: You can use the verbs hunt or look instead of search. I've hunted high and low for the photos, but I can't find them.
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In particular, the study collected data about users' search sessions in response to assigned search tasks, and users' perceptions of searching with CBR and keyword search interfaces.
The research that explores such issues as the organization of the Web or Web searching trends is becoming more important for users and Web search engines alike.
Like the internet version, there is also extensive online help for searching the CD-ROM.
Search tools are limited; searching is primarily through citation, using a standard citation, a party name or docket number.
Constitution requires that police obtain a warrant before searching a vehicle unless the police can demonstrate that they had no time to do so.
Union catalogs provide users with the ability to perform consistent searching of records from multiple institutions, in the sense that these records are indexed consistently.
While CD-ROM searching provides both thoroughness and speed, it is only as exacting as the present search request, and even can be too precise for successful results.
To produce keyword terms for searching a database, divide the concepts into subconcepts, then extract the most relevant keywords from this set.
Employees avoid spending time 'application hopping' and searching individual applications.
Support exists for the reasonableness of this search and for the admissibility of evidence produced by the search because, by activating a pager lawfully seized incident to arrest, the detective was merely searching an item of personal property immediately associated with the arrestee.
This article addresses that question by discussing in general the law regarding searches incident to arrest and then, specifically, the issue of searching locked containers incident to arrest.
Optevi is a revolutionary philosophy of search -- a Search Engine Interface Modifier (SEIM) that gives Web users competitive, personalized control of the Internet searching and browsing process by ensuring that they will obtain the most trustworthy desired information every single time they conduct a new search online.
A sensible first step is to ensure that all searching officers know the items listed on the warrant.
InfoSpace Mobile Search provides carriers a flexible offering that supports on-deck, off-deck and on-device searching.