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seamy side of life

Kend> Fig. the most unpleasant or roughest aspect of life. (A reference to the inside of a garment where the seams show.) Doctors in that area really see the seamy side of life. Mary saw the seamy side of life when she worked as a volunteer in the homeless shelter.
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seamy side

The sordid or base aspect of something, as in This nightclub certainly shows you the seamy side of the community. This term refers to the wrong side of a garment, revealing the stitched seams. Shakespeare used it figuratively in Othello (4:2): "That turn'd your wit the seamy side without."
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the ˈseamy side (of life, etc.)

the unpleasant, dishonest or immoral aspects (of life, etc.): It’s well known that the world of entertainment has its seamy side: drug abuse, corruption, alcoholism...
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My mother was always trying to make sure that I wasn't exposed to any of the seamier aspects of life.
From this innocent beginning the Gaiety soon experienced life's seamier side.
Both concerned themselves with the seamier parts of our culture--pornography, sexual deviance, crime, murder and the like--successfully blending literary style with the more outreelements of contemporary life.
2, Peter Stampfli's 1972 painting of the contours of a fat, textured tire, approximate the dumbness Americans might attribute to what we think of as our own homegrown Pop, but there is a decisive turn here toward the seamier side, as evidenced by both images' emphatic Surrealist styling.
moment (which we won't spoil), matters between Andrew Wyke (Caine) and Milo Tindle (Law) take a seamier turn.
Tim Holroyde, QC, prosecuting, told of Blackpool's seamier side, where adolescent white girls would hang around an alleyway behind Talbot Road restaurants.
Feinstein brings back rookie reporters Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson for another go at the seamier side of the sports world.
JULIETTE, 33, was the darling of Hollywood's seamier side, starring in movies such as Natural Born Killers, Kalifornia and Cape Fear, before she launched her band Juliette And The Licks.
Also observed is the seamier side of Boise, such as racism, prostitution, and crime that marked its growth and progress.
This situation has evidently horrified the writerly imagination, because Schrefer's book is one of four novels published this year about the seamier side of college admissions.
The City of London Police inquiry will bring the sport's seamier side on to the main stage for public scrutiny.
However, I was led to hunt for the famous Winston Churchill quotation regarding democracy because lately (May 2005) we have been exposed to some of the seamier sides of democracy, and it seemed rather apropos.
EXTREME CUISINE is a humorous look at the Hollywood scene, which includes agendas, the seamier side of movie-making, and Margot's metamorphosis from retiring film editor to amateur sleuth when the people she cares about find murder popping out all around them.
It is foolish to pretend that violence is not a part of real life and so it is perfectly proper for films, books and television to examine the seamier side of society.