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the scum of the earth

  (very informal)
if a group of people are the scum of the earth, they are the worst type of people
Usage notes: Scum is a layer of unpleasant or dirty substance that has formed on top of a liquid.
People who abuse children are the scum of the earth.
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bathtub scum

n. a totally despised person. (see also pond scum, shower scum. Also a term of address.) Look out, bathtub scum, outa my way!
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pond scum

n. a mean and wretched person; a worthless male. (Collegiate. An elaboration of scum, less crude than scumbag. Also a rude term of address.) Get your hands off me, you pond scum!
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1. n. a totally worthless and disgusting person. (Rude and derogatory.) You scum! Get out of here!
2. n. low-life in general; disgusting and worthless people. (Rude and derogatory.) Fourth Street is where all the scum in town hangs out.
3. n. semen; seminal fluid. (Usually objectionable.) You’d better clean up the scum from the backseat before you take the car home.

shower scum

n. a despised person; despised people. (see also bathtub scum, pond scum.) Who is the shower scum who put a cigarette butt in my houseplant?
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