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scrunch down

to squeeze or huddle down into a smaller shape. Mary scrunched down, trying to hide behind the chair. The children scrunched down so they wouldn't be seen.
See also: down, scrunch

scrunch down into something

to squeeze down into a small area or container. Fred scrunched down into his seat, hoping no one would see him there. Don't scrunch down into your seat. It's bad for your posture.
See also: down, scrunch

scrunch something down

 (into something)
1. to squeeze something into a smaller size or shape. He scrunched the wad of paper down into a hard ball. Liz scrunched down the cloth into a pad for the hot pan. Scrunch the boxes down before you throw them away.
2. to pack something tightly into something. Dave scrunched his clothing down into the drawer and closed it. Dave scrunched down his clothing into the suitcase.
See also: down, scrunch

scrunch something up

to crush or crunch up. I pounded the biscuits and scrunched them up into crumbs. He scrunched up the note and threw it upon the fire.
See also: scrunch, up

scrunch up

1. To crumple or squeeze something: She scrunched up her nose like she was going to sneeze. I scrunched my gloves up and put them in my pocket.
2. To assume a crouched or cramped posture: The dog scrunched up in the corner to keep warm.
See also: scrunch, up


tv. to crush or crunch. I hate crowds. I am afraid people will scrunch me.
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Yeah, he's a friend," I quipped as I scrunched my bleached blond hair.
The boundary structures inside the martensite look very much like the scrunched edges of a folded paper structure," Sethna says.
Fans cheered, but instead of lighting up, Richards, 63, scrunched up the fag and ate it.
A gallery spokeswoman said: "Visitors can journey through the tunnel, replete with 66 TV-screens incessantly broadcasting programmes from global television networks alongside a mass of scrunched up newspapers and magazines.
In a few of the shocking high-contrast pictures Penn made of a lower torso scrunched in a chair, the sagging breasts are eyes with sleepy bags under them, and the hinge where the leg connects directly to the belly (bypassing the pubis entirely) reads as an ingratiating smile.
At the start of Lucy Guerin's Venus Bay (DTW's bessie Schonberg Theater, February 15-18, 1996) the choreographer, Nikki Castro, and Rebecca Hilton sit scrunched together like peas in a pod.
Lohan, 21, who's just been named Hollywood's dumbest star, wore her striped top - and hair - scrunched up during the day, then let it (and her hair) down for a night out in Los Angeles.
The region between the brow and the upper-lip is scrunched proportionately to the size of their heads.
In the mind's eye, the piece keeps shifting back and forth between its true dimensions, the even larger amount of wall space it would take up were its surface flattened smooth, and the tiny scale it would have to have to have been scrunched up by hand as it appears to have been.
So the next time she lights up a fag, we can only hope that she does so sitting atop a mound of scrunched up dry leaves and kerosenesoaked newspaper, while Sonia crouches under her chair working some bellows and poking her occasionally with a toasting fork until she's well done.
Jacques Derrida looks less dandyish than usual, his mouth scrunched up in mid sentence, as if collapsing a "binary," with a good-natured smile on his face.
Stick together with PVA glue and add eyeballs made from scrunched up scrap paper, plus a colourful mouth.
So in a voice befitting her Clueless character Cher, Alicia whined, `Please, I just got a pedicure next door and my colour will be all scrunched up if I put my socks on.
Imagine giant pieces of colored cellophane, scrunched into wads and then released.
Adams finally scrunched his nose and tilted his head.