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mod. sloppy; unkempt. Why don’t you clean up this scruff car? It’s—like—grody!
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In 2006, staff were told to use deodorant, wash regularly and change their shirt daily as part of a crackdown on scruffiness.
The polished fifth salvo from this veteran New York trio serves as a tonic to much of indie-rock's current scruffiness.
He fought without distinction in the Civil War, studied law but failed to gain clients because of his scruffiness and lucked into a job for a German-language newspaper.
We found shower heads hanging off in the players' changing room, old fashioned squat toilets with batwing doors almost hanging off their hinges, empty soap dispensers and a general air of scruffiness.
This week two of our shoppers had to give lower than normal quality scores -- Asda in Plymouth for a general scruffiness, and Morrisons at Dukinfield for a complete lack of cooperation at the checkout.
Alas, up there on the mountaintop, at the couple of parties I was able to squirm into without a badge, the scruffiness was there but the currency was golden ambition--only a little more sly than if it were clothed in a three-piece suit.
Faithful to the picturesque scruffiness of the original, it was a quietly poignant place, the more so for being next to the frenetic glamour of the Centre Pompidou's Piazza.
The mixture of scruffiness and overdressing also brings about a number of witty observations, of which Skvorecky is a master.
Would taxi drivers please refrain from wearing the adult Baby-Gro, a track suit, which has never been near a running track, they are scruffiness personified.
max 23C (73F) min 13C (55F) There was nothing vintage about the Welsh success because it was littered with errors and set-piece scruffiness that will simply have to be remedied before the serious stuff begins in New Zealand.
In the next 30 balls they dawdled from 55-2 to 69-4 until some brief scruffiness from Gareth Breese released the pressure with the first boundary since Gibbs' departure.
Dear Edward, He might not be Britain's best dressed man but underneath the scruffiness beats a romantic, traditionalist heart.
The big retail sheds are shabby, and there is an allpervading scruffiness that seems to defy recent improvements.