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mod. sloppy; unkempt. Why don’t you clean up this scruff car? It’s—like—grody!
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Boris Johnson's shirt was scruffily sticking out the back of his jacket
How to co-ordinate outfits, style, elegance and never dress scruffily.
In phase one of the operation, scruffily dressed undercover officers pretending to want drugs secretly filmed their dealers in action.
Worn out but with an underlying humanity and work ethic a the title refers to how he does his hits a Pitt makes Jackie a scruffily generous soul.
Determined to go through with it, the two men, who are scruffily attractive in a student way while showing signs of sliding toward middle-age paunch, meet for the big event in an antiseptic hotel room; the way things play out mixes discomfort, humor and honesty in equal measure.
I also relished Karen Kilimnik's the snow Queen causing a blizzard in Siberia, 2008, a scruffily painted white monochrome scattered with glitter.
He was your typical teenager, scruffily dressed and extreme in language.
Isabel quickly gets a job with a Mary McCarthy-ish, expatriate American author, Olivia Pace (Glenn Close under an alarming gray fall), and almost as quickly beds the scruffily adorable Yves (Romain Duris), who works for Olivia's politically progressive charity.
SINGER Alison Moyet dresses so scruffily on her art course that she is mistaken for a tramp.
Main danger comes from Sire De Grugy but Gary Moore's challenger jumped scruffily when done close home by Kid Cassidy at Cheltenham on Greatwood Hurdle day and a similar effort will be punished down the back over the Railway Fences.
He has short hair but is scruffily dressed, is tanned from a summer of working out of doors, moves gracefully.
Tevez was dressed so scruffily, sporting a baseball cap emblazoned with his City squad number (32), with his gold earrings shining in the sun.
The scruffily cute Northerner has enough charisma to make every teenage girl in the audience (and OK, perhaps those a tad older) want to be his girlfriend.
Tweedy, who lives in the run-down Heaton district of Cheryl's native Newcastle upon Tyne, was scruffily dressed in a grey and white tracksuit as he appeared before the city's JPs.